Clinical Psychology Dissertation Topics Ideas and Samples

Best Clinical Psychology Dissertation Topics for undergraduate and masters students


Clinical psychology is a very broad domain of psychology that interacts with almost every other branch of psychology while focusing on understating human behaviors in terms of psychological disorders. There is a wide range of current research topics in clinical psychology such as psychological attitudes towards human health, DSM and its different versions, how different psychological disorders affect human mind and many others. Human behavior is an enigmatic domain and requires a scrutinized research approach for its complete understanding.

Find the following list of clinical psychology dissertation topics to choose for your research proposal:

  1. Are human beings being addicted to Facebook in the present era? A descriptive analysis
  2. Relationship between age and mental illnesses among elderly people
  3. A comparative analysis of cognitive behavior therapy and psychoanalytic therapy: a review of literature
  4. Developing a model for different interventions used for the treatment of anxiety disorders
  5. Relationship between anxiety disorder and family life of the patients
  6. Formulating a structured model to represent the risk factors that are associated with depression
  7. Childhood trauma: a review of literature
  8. How can family members contribute towards treatments of substance abuse? a quantitative analysis
  9. Studying the prevalence of psychological disorders in the last decade
  10. Religion as a mediating factor in dealing with depression
  11. Eating behaviors of obese people: a descriptive analysis
  12. Post traumatic stress disorder: interventions and treatments
  13. Psychological profiling of different types of phobias
  14. How can drug addicts be treated using the psychodynamic approach to therapy? A case study
  15. The role of play therapy in dealing with children of refugees in a new country
  16. An experimental analysis of the dreams of children who have experienced sexual abuse
  17. Resolving identity issues with a humanitarian therapeutic approach
  18. The relationship between spirituality and personal growth: a qualitative analysis
  19. Review of literature on therapeutic techniques for criminal offenders
  20. Gender differences with reference to eating disorders in adolescents
  21. Marital rape: myth or reality?
  22. Treatment of anorexia nervosa: comparison between individual therapy and family therapy
  23. Psychological effects on the parents having autistic children
  24. Learning disabilities: how family therapy can work?
  25. Effects of social influences on families coping with the loss of a loved one
  26. Disenfranchised grief: what techniques are used by people to adjust for this type of grief?
  27. What is the relationship between depression and low-income families in a developing country?
  28. Studying the effects of divorce on the children of the couple: a comparison of case studies
  29. Role played by parent-child relationship on treatment of substance abuse by a parent
  30. Emotions-focused therapy and its impacts on couples dealing with marital issues: a case study approach
  31. The impacts of mother-infant relationship on the future eating habits of adolescents: a longitudinal study
  32. Death anxiety: interventions and treatment plans to tackle in terminally ill people
  33. Cognitive behavioral therapy and its impacts on the control of chronic pain in terminally ill patients
  34. more..

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