Criminal Psychology Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Here are best examples of Criminal Psychology Dissertation Topics and Ideas for students in psychology


Criminology and psychology are two disciplines that can be connected with each other very efficiently. Regardless of the fact that one is studying at the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level, there are many criminology topics that can be studied well under different concepts of psychology. There are different factors and aspects (such as socio-cultural aspects, attitudes and personalities of criminals, criminal profiling and many others) that can cause and enhance criminal tendencies in human beings. Criminal psychology research topics always focus on these areas. The management of criminals and prevention of crimes also comes under the umbrella of criminal psychology dissertation topics quite frequently. Such studies have been given high values as they play pivotal roles in policy making and governance all around the world.

The following list can help you to choose your preferred topic within the domain of criminal psychology.

  1. Pornography – good entertainment or bad entertainment: a qualitative design
  2. An in-depth analysis of the false beliefs in the perception of police
  3. A study of the ethical issues in criminal investigations
  4. Understanding the relation between criminal psychology and technology for criminal profiling
  5. Impacts of street groups on violent tendencies among teenage males
  6. How do police officers cope with traumas associated with crimes?
  7. Role of eyewitness testimony in crime investigation and court decisions: a case study
  8. Relationship between depression and suicide in case of police officers
  9. What is common among the serial killers: case studies of seven world-famous serial killers
  10. Relationship between parenting styles and juvenile offenders: an exploration of juvenile homes
  11. Date rape: prevalence among university students
  12. How violent video games lead the way to aggressive tendencies in adulthood: a longitudinal approach
  13. Effects of domestic violence on the divorce rate among married couples
  14. Factors affecting higher rates of murders caused by children: An exploratory study
  15. Domestic violence on men: a myth or a truth?
  16. Substance abuse and academic performance of university students: a qualitative study
  17. Rehabilitation in prisons: a comparative study
  18. Childhood sexual abuse and its impacts on the marital life of married women
  19. Comparative review of attitudes towards crime in developed and developing countries
  20. Intimacy deficits and attachment styles of sexual offenders: a literature review
  21. Female child sexual abusers: a new outlook and a new profile
  22. An experimental study testing the effects of sexually arousing images on date rape instances
  23. Gender differences in the attitudes towards terrorists
  24. Relationship between family background and psychopathology
  25. Cyber crimes as an academic discipline: a historical review
  26. Effects of childhood abuse on the personalities of criminals in adulthood
  27. Tactics to balance work and family in case of working as a state police officer
  28. Attitudes towards police officers: a survey design
  29. Copycat crimes: role played by internet and video games
  30. Cyber crimes and criminal profiling: a case study analysis
  31. Treatments and interventions to deal with juvenile crimes: a comparative analysis
  32. Relationship between genetics and criminal behavior
  33. more…

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