Dissertation Topics In Counseling Psychology

Best Dissertation Topics In Counseling Psychology for undergraduate and masters students


Counseling is a very successful branch of psychology that focuses on the development of human beings as a whole. Personal aspects of a person’s life along with the professional aspects are all included in counseling domain. Both personal as well as professional developments of individuals are the key elements of study in case of dissertation topics in counseling psychology. Individuals’ health issues, interpersonal issues, career-related issues, social adjustments, family life, marital life and many other spheres of life are included in this branch of psychology. The basic aim is to attain maximum levels of physical, emotional, psychological and cognitive wellbeing for the individuals.

You can choose any topic from the following list of current research topics in counseling psychology to attract the attention of your supervisor:

  1. Practical impacts of counseling on the married lives of couples looking for divorce
  2. Mindfulness and self-esteem: a review of literature
  3. Counseling at school levels: what interventions are used?
  4. Cultural differences between the counselor and the patients: comparisons of case studies
  5. What interventions are used by counselors for dealing with eating disorders in women?
  6. Needs assessments of people suffering from sexual abuses
  7. A counselor’s perspectives and interventions towards the area of racism
  8. Can empathy be taught?
  9. Cultural diversification and seeking for counselor’s help among university students
  10. Role of media in obesity among children
  11. Stigmatization of seeking psychological help: a review of literature
  12. Gender differences in the assessment practices of male and female counselors
  13. Counseling techniques to create future leaders in organizational setups
  14. Can religion act as a hindrance for people to seek psychological help?
  15. Depression and puberty: comparative case studies of teenagers
  16. Determining the body language of a patient: a counselor’s perspective
  17. Physical aggression among men to deal with issues: intervention used by a counselor
  18. Psychology and interventions for lying
  19. Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a counselor: interview approach
  20. Why famous and successful people commit suicide? A counselor’s perspective
  21. Scoring and interpretation of McGill friendship Questionnaire
  22. An alcoholic family member: how can family members intervene positively
  23. Violent video games and their impacts on aggression levels of children
  24. When a therapist needs counseling: interventions used by a counselor
  25. Internet addiction and its impacts on the family life of teenagers
  26. Relationship between soothing sounds and relaxation of people seeking psychological help
  27. Art as therapy: interventions used by a counselor
  28. Improving the work of a counselor: what steps need to be taken into account?
  29. Relationship between attachment styles and romantic relations as evident from text messages
  30. Personality determinants of social anxiety in black Americans
  31. Stealing attitudes in students: what interventions can be carried out by a counselor in association with the parents
  32. Gender inequality in the domain of counseling: a review of literature
  33. Role played by counselors in the domain of health psychology: a qualitative analysis
  34. Effects of family counseling on the interpersonal relations between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law
  35. more..

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