School Psychology Research Topics and examples

Best School Psychology Research Topics for high school students

School psychology is an area of psychology that deals with the behaviors, mental states, tendencies, attitudes and other aspects of school-going children. School psychologists guide and nurture children on personal, academic and every other level of interest. To expand their expertise, different school psychology research topics are chosen by the school psychologists and students to study different phenomenon. In addition to children themselves, their parents, teachers, peers, relatives, friends and other environmental factors around them are all studied under the domain of school psychology. A good education system can work if school psychologists collaborate with the schools to develop programs for understanding the students and their needs.

Presented below is a list of excellent psychology research topics for high school students that can be of interest to you:

  1. Effects of peer pressure on the academic performance of students
  2. Coping with school bullying: a comparative study of interventions and treatments
  3. The role of school psychologists in the academic performance of students: a psychological study
  4. Group counselling and its impacts on treating bullying at school levels
  5. Relationship between performance on a subject and likeness for that subject
  6. A comparative analysis of different teaching methods for high school students
  7. Job burnout as a school teacher: how important the issue is?
  8. Effects of psychological interventions on instances of school dropouts
  9. Foreign students facing difficulty in new schools: an exploratory approach
  10. Role of a school psychologist in policy making of a school
  11. Relationship between sleeping hours and academic performance of high school students
  12. Parental pressure on achieving excellent grades among students: a review of literature
  13. An experimental study to test the effects of images on information retention among students
  14. Working in projects: how do students response to this teaching technique?
  15. Ethical guidelines for working as a school psychologist: a review of literature
  16. Role of teacher’s feedback on improvement of learning among students
  17. Effects of perceived teacher’s involvement on students’ expectation of success in exams
  18. Online classroom and students’ academic performance: a relational study
  19. Learning a second language: problems and interventions involved
  20. Relation between parents’ educational competencies and children’s academic achievements
  21. Developing friendships: teaching basic social skills to school-going children
  22. Adjustment issues faced by foreign students in anew country: interventions to be used
  23. Curriculum development and the role played by school psychologists
  24. Emotional intelligence of high achievers and low achievers in a middle school
  25. Balancing curricular and extra-curricular in high school students
  26. Relation between after school activities of students and their academic performance: a teacher’s perspective
  27. Predictors of academic cheating: a qualitative approach
  28. Gender differences in liking specific subjects: a comparison between mathematics and literature
  29. The impacts of TV advertisements on the personality of adolescents
  30. A longitudinal analysis to find the retention of mnemonic memories over the age
  31. Benefits of peer collaboration on academic performance of students
  32. Effects of mobile phones on the study hours of high school students
  33. more..

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