Social Psychology Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Here are best Social Psychology Dissertation Topics ideas with examples


Human beings are social animals and this statement is quite true. In society, no one can live alone as social relations develop social identity among individuals. Humans need social relationships and connection for their survival in the society. Social psychology aims at exploring how such social relations are developed, maintained and strengthened. In this regard, the attitudes and perceptions of people play a highly crucial role – making this one of the most important social psychology research topics. There is a vast majority of social experiments that are also tested in research studies with different age groups and genders. These experiments have attained strong bases in the study of social psychology. Overall, it is an all-encompassing research domain with social psychology research topics available at all academic levels.

Read the following list of social psychology dissertation topics to find the topic of your preference:

  1. Review of literature to understand prejudice in social psychology
  2. Exposure to lengthy screen time and its effects on behaviors of children
  3. Impacts of social media on the romantic relations among teenagers
  4. Effects of infertility: a comparison of men versus women
  5. An in-depth analysis of the components of attitude formation
  6. Can alcohol provoke aggression? A review of literature
  7. Exploring the domain of bystander effects: a qualitative approach
  8. Empirical methods to study social behaviors in social psychology
  9. Gender differences in self-esteem: a grounded theory approach
  10. Coping with divorce: a comparative gender study
  11. A qualitative study of gender differences in Instagram hashtag use
  12. Social aspects of well-being: a quantitative approach
  13. Are emotionally intelligent people happier? A content analysis
  14. Eating disorders and their differences with respect to gender
  15. Relationship between childhood obesity and parental neglect
  16. Why unattractive people are treated differently than attractive people?
  17. Effects of yoga on physical well-being of people
  18. Dependent personality disorder and its relation with social media usage
  19. Effects of eating disorders on body image of teenage girls
  20. How to families cope with bereavement?
  21. Loss of a pet and its impacts on the emotional well-being of a child
  22. What are the effects of AIDS on the overall life of a patient’s family?
  23. Effects of the strictness of teacher on the academic performance of the students
  24. Gender differences in relation to the attachment styles
  25. An experimental study to test the concept of obedience in children
  26. Determining attitudes towards disgust among adolescent girls
  27. Influence of media on the romantic relations of adolescents
  28. Losing a loved one: how to adjust?
  29. What are the effects of religiosity on people’s understanding of the world?
  30. Loneliness and its effects on refugees in a new country
  31. Unemployment stress: differences in developed and developing countries
  32. Social networking: a stress or an entertainment?
  33. Studying prejudice and stereotyping in the context of social psychology
  34. The effects of TV advertisements on drinking habits of adolescents
  35. Studying inter-group differences among students of a class
  36. more…

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