About Firm

It is fair to be skeptic or curious about a company that you want to do business with for the first time. The only right way to end up your curiosity is read this brief introductory page with our details.

How did we start and what is it now!!

It all started back in 2005 when we wrote our papers for our final degrees. The company has two stake holders and we both started this journey together. On getting a good score on our written papers we got unusual attention from our fellow students. We helped them with their revisions and provided them full scale assistance without any monetary purpose.

One of our friends has a cousin in a different college who wanted to pay us for one of his coursework. On knowing this we immediately accepted the offer and started to offer our services on internet as well. We got overwhelming response right in the beginning and that first year we ended up getting our own website active.

Later on we had to hire a team of highly qualified expert writers who worked for us in house. Currently we maintain a huge team of qualified professional writers in almost every area of research. Our policy from day one was not to act too commercial for students who are in a great need at this point of time. Since we ourselves have been through this difficult phase we know how exactly a student is facing such difficult times and what are the best possible solutions.

What Are We Now & How Do We Do it?

We are an academic writing assistance providing company that takes the responsibility of providing students with the solution of every academic assignment. We write for every level of academic competency, from high school to university and from university to scholarly level journals.

Our process is briefly described below as it is comprised of these steps.

  1. Discussions between the writer and our esteemed student
  2. On any order placement a dedicated writer is allocated to work on that order. The writer establishes a contact with the student to discuss the details. The writer shares his point of view and propose an expected outline of the assignment or project.

  3. Showing the progress of work
  4. The writer shows the partial work progress to the student so that he/she knows what is being written and if the direction of the research is accurate. Students show it to their tutors or supervisors to have a feedback.

  5. Changing and amending if required
  6. On getting some comments from the supervisor or the tutor our writers are quick to revise or change that specific part immediately. This allows us to have a better understanding of how the supervisor wants to see the paper.

  7. Finalizing the work within the deadline

This enables us to provide organically written papers to our highly valued students. This process also ensures a 100% free of plagiarism piece of writing.