Writing A PhD Proposal

This prestigious degree of PhD can only be awarded to you once you are done completing your research and you are ready to frame it in shape of a dissertation or a thesis. But even before that you are required to submit a research proposal and fully address theme of your PhD’s Degree and main thesis.

You have to write a proposal that contains the standard elements of a PhD’s level proposal and without these you won’t be able to meet the required standards

  1. Aims and Objectives
  2. You need to introduce the topic or title of your research and provide a detailed overview of the research background and its target. Your focus has to be determined in this part of the write up and the overall motive of writing a PhD’s proposal should be determining the research boundaries.

    You should also write and relate these aims and objectives to your past researches and the reason that became the motivating force for you to pursue your degree following this area of research has to be categorically explained.

  3. Research Methodology
  4. In order for your to achieve the aims and objectives and of your proposal you need to write about the types of research that you will use to do so. More particularly you are being required to write if your research methodology is going to qualitative or quantitative.

    How are you going to acquire the data and the primary research plan should be briefly discussed. Your data analysis plan needs to be explained if it is the part of your research because most of the PhD’s dissertations and theses to include primary research.

  5. Submission Schedule
  6. This is more of an administrative type of briefings that need to be presented as a concrete plan of your research that is distributed into time intervals. This shows your commitment and rationale planning.

Almost Every Student Fails To Follow The Standard Research Proposal Length Because They Are Unaware Of The PhD’s standards.

This is not just your highest education but it is indeed the highest of all degrees and therefore the standards are of the same match. For getting a pass you need to get yourself aligned with all of it. The words count length may vary from subject to subject and from topic to topic.

It would be wise for a student to get an idea of the total words count from the university’s supervisor. The words count should seem to be justified with the type of research you have conducted and the discussions that you have opened.

If at any point the supervisor finds that the words count length is unnecessarily long then he is going to ask you to curtail it down and just like that if the words count is seemingly lesser than the required explanation then you will be asked to increase it.

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