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Below is the Sample Dissertation Structure

Dissertation samples can be helpful resources for students to understand the structure, formatting, and content expectations of a dissertation in their respective fields. While I cannot provide specific dissertation samples here, I can outline the general components typically found in a dissertation. Keep in mind that the structure and requirements may vary depending on your institution and field of study.

Title Page

Includes the title of the dissertation, your name, the degree for which the dissertation is being submitted, your institution’s name, and the date.


Provides a concise summary of your dissertation, highlighting the research question, methodology, main findings, and conclusions. Typically limited to 150-300 words.

Table of Contents

Lists all the main sections and subsections of your dissertation along with their page numbers.


Sets the context for your research, introduces the research problem or question, outlines the objectives, and provides an overview of the dissertation structure.

Literature Review

Review relevant literature and research related to your topic, demonstrate your understanding of existing knowledge, identify research gaps, and justify the need for your study.


Describe the research design, data collection methods, sample size, and data analysis techniques employed in your study. This section should enable others to replicate your research.


Present the results of your research, often in the form of tables, graphs, or textual descriptions. It should focus on answering your research questions and be presented objectively.


Interprets and analyzes the findings in relation to the research questions, literature review, and theoretical framework. It may explore patterns, relationships, and contradictions, and provide explanations or insights.


Summarizes the key findings, discusses their implications, and provides answers to the research questions. It should also highlight the limitations of your study and suggest areas for future research.


Provide a list of all the sources cited in your dissertation following a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).


Includes supplementary materials such as survey questionnaires, interview transcripts, or additional data that supports your research but is not included in the main body of the dissertation.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and formatting guidelines for dissertations may differ between institutions and disciplines. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult your institution’s guidelines or ask your advisor for any specific requirements or examples they can provide to assist you in structuring and formatting your dissertation.

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Faqs – Dissertation Samples

What is a dissertation sample?

A dissertation sample is a complete or partial example of a dissertation that serves as a reference for students or researchers when writing their own academic research projects. It showcases the structure, writing style, and research methodologies typically used in a dissertation.

Where can I find dissertation samples?

Dissertation samples can be found in university libraries, academic websites, online databases, and sometimes on the websites of educational institutions. They are often provided to help guide students in structuring and formatting their work.

How should I use a dissertation sample?

Use a dissertation sample as a template for structure and formatting. It can also provide insight into how to articulate arguments, present research findings, and cite sources. However, it’s crucial to use the sample for inspiration and guidance, not for copying, as plagiarism is a serious academic offense.

Can I use the content from a dissertation sample in my own work?

No, you should not use the content from a dissertation sample in your own work. This would be considered plagiarism. Instead, use the sample to understand how to structure your own arguments and present your research.

Are dissertation samples specific to disciplines?

Yes, dissertation samples are often specific to different academic disciplines. Each field has its own conventions regarding structure, methodology, and presentation. It’s best to find samples that are closely related to your field of study.

What should I look for in a good dissertation sample?

A good dissertation sample should have a clear and logical structure, a well-defined research question, a thorough literature review, a detailed methodology section, and a comprehensive analysis of results. It should also be well-written, with clear and concise language.

Can dissertation samples help with formatting?

Absolutely. Dissertation samples can help you understand how to format your document according to specific academic or institutional guidelines, including the use of headings, tables, figures, and reference lists.

Is it okay to quote a dissertation sample?

You can quote a dissertation sample if it is relevant to your research, but you must cite it properly according to the required citation style. Always ensure that quotes support your own work and are not used as a substitute for it.

Remember, dissertation samples are tools to help you understand the process of dissertation writing. They should be used responsibly and ethically to aid in the creation of your original research project.