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Topic Consultation (FREE)
  • Topics that would spark some background knowledge of subject.
  • Fairly specific to cover the word-count effectively.
  • Demonstrating the current trends and interests!

Title Page

The title page has:

  • Research proposal title
  • Student’s name
  • Student’s ID number
  • Department
  • Course
  • Supervisor’s name

Abstract :  A summary of the paper including distinctive points.


This would be roadmap of your paper showing the picture of expected elaboration of your dissertation proposal. This also emphasizes on stating the research question or problem and on the evidence of its significance, relevance and contribution in the field.

Literature Review :  A review of all the relevant literature studied for your dissertation proposal research.

Methodology: The research methods and the reason of their selection

Data Assessment : The presentation & assessment of research data.

Expected Results : The expectation of the result’s outcome.

Schedule : A timetable with all the scheduled tasks.

Resources and Budget : The necessity of the resources and budget.

Bibliography : List of all informative of resources.

Appendices : Supplementary materials used in dissertation proposal.

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