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The sands are running out and I need the dagger of ‘The Prince of Persia’ so that I can go back in time & write my dissertation for me as I have already neared the deadline or I should say the “deathline” of my doctoral degree.

(wish by a desperate student during dissertation writing)

Well, if we come down to earth, we realise that there is no magical dagger
that can correct things by going in the past, but it is possible to correct
things by staying and making efforts in the present time.

Having decided the dissertation topic, students start learning about research methodologies and implement as soon as they find good tips and techniques about conducting research.

As a result, they collect huge data including relevant and irrelevant material. The next stage is about taking the unnecessary information out so that you can focus on what you should include in the dissertation papers.

And then comes the dissertation writing stage which requires excellent writing skills so that you can come up to the standard of your advisers. Writing a dissertation needs to be done in a proper format taking care of every minute and major details like formatting, organization, and presentation.

To get better idea about all these details, students need professionally and expertly written dissertation samples and suggestions.

Normally the questions raise in students’ minds are;

These are just some examples of what students normally think when they are writing their dissertation papers.

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