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31 Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics | Samples

Accounting and finance carry key importance for the success of any business organization. It is necessary to conduct quality research in this area to meet the study’s financial requirements. Accounting and finance dissertation topics are extended positively in terms of size as well as complexity. Regardless of your research topic in accounting and finance, it would help to have an effective guide for positively completing the research study. Please feel free to use any accounting and finance thesis topics provided below to complete your thesis appropriately. Moreover, you can use the provided list as a research proposal topic in accounting and finance to modify the work as per your requirements. Following is the list of some of the topics for your convenience:

Best  Examples of Accounting and Finance Research Topics for Students in Accounting

  • To analyse the strategies for non-specialist entrepreneurs to utilise finance-related data to manage business accounts in developing countries.
  • To analyse the potential implications and risks existing in accounting conservatism.
  • To analyse the process for financial decision-making for SME entrepreneurs to compete effectively in the business market.
  • To analyse the initiatives taken by the US organisations to overcome the economic crisis of 2008
  • To analyse the contribution of the Islamic banking system to the growth of the conventional banking system.
  • To analyse the effectiveness of intellectual capital treatment within the financial accounting system.
  • To carry out a literature review related to the forensic accounting system development
  • To explore the practices required by the new entrepreneurs within their financial management to lead the organisation successfully.
  • To explore the changes created within the accounting and finance system of the business organisations in the UK.
  • To analyse the effective and relevant financial accounting methodologies available to the business organisations operating in the United Kingdom?
  • To conduct a comparative analysis of the costing structures used by different UK retail organisations?
  • To explore the concept of micro-finance banking in the context of the Asian market?
  • To analyse the potential implications existing for the borrowers related to the financial issues in the developing markets?
  • To analyse the practical financial management to be carried out by an organisation for managing the mergers and acquisitions?
  • To evaluate the impact of dividend policy on government taxes?
  • To carry out a comparison between the UK private and public limited companies’ financial notes with GAAP regulations?
  • To analyse the potential impact of financial training on the effective decision-making of a business student.
  • To carry out a comparison amongst different accounting standards being used globally.
  • To evaluate the impact of organisational leadership on the successful decision-making of a business organisation.
  • To explore the financial policy being used by the service companies like Uber.
  • To carry out a comparison between the external and internal auditing policies being used by different UK banks?
  • To carry out an analytical review related to the corporate governance structure used by different organisations in the United Kingdom.
  • To explore the role played by the intellectual capital in the literature of financial accounting.
  • To explore the measures for mitigating the financial frauds and thefts in the UK business organisations.
  • To determine the traits for the business organisations to detect accounting fraudsters.
  • more…

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