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39 Finance Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Finance Dissertation Topics

Finance dissertation topics cover all the aspects that are associated with the domain of finance. Dissertation topics on finance have attracted a lot of attention in academic and research fields. Finance research topics can vary according to academic degree levels. These are the best-selected finance dissertation topics picked by our experts. Following are the other related posts on Finance:

Best Finance Dissertation Topics for masters and undergraduate students.

We have prepared an extensive list of finance thesis topics as given below:

  • Examining the relationship between internet finance and traditional finance: focus on spillovers and linkages.
  • Correlational analysis of the relationships among urban capital, infrastructure, and finance.
  • Development of the internet finance in China: Focusing on the general patterns and regional disparity.
  • Understanding the spatial effect of the effectiveness of regional financial resource allocation: perspectives from the domain of internet finance.
  • Investigation of the threshold concepts in finance: a review of the literature.
  • Effects of green finance on the economic growth post-COVID-19 pandemic: focus on X country.
  • Investigation of the domain of sustainable finance: uncovering the missing links.
  • Internet finance in China: studying the fundamentals of policy implications.
  • Effects of financial literacy on the financial development of small firms in X country.
  • Studying the effects of internet finance on the commercial bank risk preferences: a systematic analysis.
  • Comparative analysis of sustainable finance between Japan and China: a descriptive approach.
  • Supply chain finance: a review of the literature.
  • Correlation of finance capital, food regime restructuring, and land grab in X country.
  • Studying the role played by finance in the domain of energy transitions: a review of the literature.
  • Comparing small-sized and medium-sized companies in X country on the aspect of credit card finance.
  • Investigating the relation of finance with business property, urban development, and regional development.
  • What are the combined effects of digital finance and ESG performance on the corporate financing efficiency in X country?
  • Global finance: focus on the global rules and regulations.
  • Finance in East Asia: focus on the developmental trends.
  • Studying the effects of investor’s attention to Islamic finance on the domain of spillover: focus on X country.
  • Historical analysis of the value and change in the field of global finance.
  • Studying the correlation of institutional quality, foreign direct investment, and financial development in X country.
  • Review of literature on the links between finance and sustainability.
  • Effects of firm size and source of finance on the growth of firms.
  • Comparing informal and formal finance in UK-based firms.
  • Intelligence finance: understanding the concept and practices.
  • The role played by finance in the entertainment and gaming industry.
  • Studying the links among finance, language, and performativity: a review of the literature.
  • Studying the Indian states on the basis of differences in financial inequalities.
  • Executive personal finance scale: studying the developmental procedures.
  • Applying genetic algorithms to finance.
  • Finance in women-owned and women-led firms of the world.
  • Effects of technological changes on global finance.
  • Sustainable finance and central banking sector: a review of the literature.
  • Finance education and the future of finance in the market.

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