30 Public Health Dissertation Topics Ideas & Samples

Research is always about the interest of the researcher. If a person starts researching an area he is not interested in, then chances for success become very negligible. This is because interest of the individual will be zero. Same is the case with the domain of public health. Public health dissertation topics are usually confused with community health topics. However, these two are somewhat different areas, as can be seen from their different research scopes. Dissertation topics on public health covers different health-related issues at the public level.

Best Public Health Dissertation Topics Examples

Public health research topics have been presented in the form of the following list that is quite exclusive and interesting at the same time. Have a look and let us know if you find something interesting:

  • Challenges in public health sector: a review of literature.
  • Public health and alcohol: a systematic analysis.
  • Public health ethics and individual rights: a descriptive approach.
  • Is rationing vaccines an ethical approach during public health emergencies? A critical analysis.
  • Studying the strategies employed for enhancing public health awareness among general public: a descriptive analysis.
  • Law enforcement and public health issues: a review of literature.
  • Investigation of the correlation between public health law, public health officer and public health practices.
  • Role played by technology and innovation in the progress of global public health domain.
  • Association between public health and criminology: focus on youth violence prevention programs.
  • Global health governance: a public health perspective.
  • Studying the role played by public health campaigns in the promotion of public health disparities: a systematic analysis.
  • Challenges faced by public health workers: developed versus developing economies of the world.
  • Public health approaches towards palliative care: a review of literature.
  • Integration of behavioral science theory into public health interventions: a systematic review.
  • COVID-19 pandemic and public health interventions: a meta-analytic study.
  • Postabortion syndrome – a novel arrival within the context of public health concerns.
  • Why childhood obesity is increasing in USA? A public health perspective.
  • Investigating the role played by nurses in the domain of public health: a review of literature.
  • Public health nursing: an ethical investigation.
  • Evaluation of public health programs for pregnant women in developing countries of the world: a descriptive study.
  • Public health and gerontology: reviewing literature from the last two decades.
  • Resource-limited countries of the world and pharmacovigilance: a public health perspective.
  • A comparative analysis of public health programs in the developed and the developing countries of the world.
  • Utilization of social media platform by public health professionals to raise awareness about Thalassemia: a systematic review.
  • Social work, psychology and public health workers: a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Social determinants of dying at the end-of-life stages: a public health perspective.
  • Studying the factors that promote the partnership between public health and primary care domains.
  • Resources for public health workers: separating theory from reality.
  • Tobacco control policy within the context of public health interventions: a study from Australia.
  • Sport as a public health intervention: a UK-based research study.

These are 30 Public Health Dissertation Topics Ideas & Samples also check related posts for Dissertation Topics In Community Health and Environmental Health Dissertation Topics.

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