30 Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Child health nursing is also commonly known as pediatric nursing around the world. Caring for children is a very sophisticated and professional domain and therefore nurses need to be highly trained in this domain. Recent research topics in pediatrics and nursing have many practical implications in the field of child care. Therefore, more aggressive research is being carried out in this domain with every passing day. In the field of nursing research, a vast majority goes for the area of pediatric nursing.

Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Therefore, we have developed a vast list of child health nursing dissertation topics for our clients to go through:

  • Quality in child health nursing: investigating the expectations of the children.
  • Ethics in child health nursing: comparing health systems of developed versus developing countries.
  • Pediatric polio cases and child health nursing: personal reflections of nurses in China.
  • Investigating the role of nurses in child health domain: a descriptive analysis.
  • Child health nursing in UK: challenges and interventions involved.
  • Promoting ethical practices in child health nursing: development of a hypothetical intervention plan.
  • Child health nursing gin UK: investigating the historical perspectives in detail.
  • Coordination between nurses and social workers in communicating with children in child health nursing.
  • Child health nursing and sickle cell anemia in children: a systematic analysis.
  • Parents of hospitalized children: role played by the nursing staff of the hospitals in UK.
  • Caring for children after a traumatic incident: role played by nurses.
  • Studying the relationship between nurses and parents’ participation in care of hospitalized children: an observational study.
  • Role played by nursing management in caring for postoperative pediatric patients: a systematic analysis.
  • Female versus male nurses: does gender play an influential role in children’s preference for nurses in hospitals?
  • Pediatric nursing and burnout issues: personal reflections of nurses from UK.
  • American versus Chinese child health nurses: comparing the effects of culture on nursing.
  • Pediatric nursing and caring for children having fluid and electrolyte disorders: a descriptive analysis.
  • Investigating the challenges faced by the Canadian pediatric nursing profession: a systematic approach.
  • Childhood obesity and school nursing approach: a descriptive analysis.
  • Pediatric intensive care units and caregiving behaviors of nurses: investigating the perceptions of parents.
  • Studying the effects of COVID-19 on the domain of pediatric nursing: review of available literature.
  • Effects of shortage of clinically trained nurses in the child health nursing domain: a descriptive analysis.
  • Research in the field of child health nursing: what are the major factors that need attention?
  • Studying the effects of patient’s death on the nurses in the child health nursing: a systematic study.
  • Working with chronically ill children and their families: personal reflections of nurses in UK hospitals.
  • Strategies used by pediatric nurses to improve communication with children: a review of literature.
  • Imperiled infants and child health nursing.
  • Sexually abused children and pediatric nursing.
  • Home care for a sick child and pediatric nurses.
  • Safe child care in hospitals and pediatric nursing.

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