32 Research Topics In Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology focuses on the psychological aspects and perspectives associated with consumers, their choices, decision-making styles and other aspects. Consumption habits of the consumers, buying behaviors of consumers are studied in consumer psychology in the light of gender differences, socio-economic statuses and other areas. Furthermore, consumer psychology also encompasses the different marketing and persuasion techniques utilized by sellers to attract and gain as many consumers as is possible. There are different dissertation topics in consumer psychology that can attract the attention of researchers on global levels.

Best Research Topics In Consumer Psychology for undergraduate and masters students

Following are some of the interesting research topics in consumer psychology for your reference so that you can choose a good topic for your research:

  • Can shopping lead towards happiness: an experimental research design
  • How can sound effects impact the buying behaviors of consumers in a shop?
  • Online shopping trends and their impacts on the consumer behavior of the young shoppers: a quantitative study
  • Gender differences in changes in shopping behavior as a result of advertisements
  • An interview approach to study the relationship between TV advertisements and consumer behaviors
  • How can social media shape the consumer behavior of people opting for online shopping?
  • Factors leading to the success of online shopping trends in developed countries of the world
  • Effects of the price of products on the buying behavior of the consumers
  • Branded clothing: what strategies are used by brands to attract more customers
  • Men’s response towards advertisements of fashion industry: a quantitative study
  • The effects of discounts and sales on the buying behaviors of the consumers
  • Can word of mouth lead towards the fame of a brand? An experimental study
  • Descriptive analysis of the methods used for prediction of consumer behaviors
  • Using celebrities as a method to enhance purchase of shopping items
  • Differences between consumer behaviors for food shopping and apparel shopping
  • Factors contributing to the impulsive purchasing behavior of consumers
  • Marketing strategy and consumer behavior: a review of literature
  • Descriptive analysis of the current problems in the field of consumer behavior
  • Can sensory marketing lead towards increased buying behavior of consumers? An experimental study
  • Consumer perceptions of price versus quality of apparel items in online shopping
  • Comparative study of strengths and weaknesses of online shopping in present times
  • Black Friday Sale: how do sellers use the selling strategy to sell more products in a day?
  • Ethics of consumer behavior and seller behavior
  • Methods to retain consumers for future shopping
  • Relationship between consumer satisfaction and consumer retention
  • How is education level related to the consumer behavior?
  • How do people adopt to new products introduced in the market? A survey report!
  • Types of online consumers: a meta-analytic approach
  • How social media leads towards brand awareness in a negative versus positive manner?
  • Future consumer trends 2022: a detailed analysis on previous data
  • How the marketing strategies can change the decision-making abilities of the consumers in online shopping?
  • more..

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