30 Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Topics ideas & examples

Psychiatric nursing is a very extensive field that connects medicine and psychology with each other. Psychiatric nursing dissertation topics include a wide variety of areas that have been touched upon by the researchers in the past. Owing to the ever-changing circumstances in the human life, psychiatric nursing research topics are always open to new research ideas and questions. That is why reasons and needs for new research paradigms are also always there.

Best Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Topics List

We have prepared an extensive list of psychiatric nursing thesis topics for you to select from and impress your supervisor:

  • Studying the aspect of case management in psychiatric nursing: connections among past, present and future.
  • Psychiatric nursing and the associated stigma: challenges and interventions involved.
  • Studying the attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards the domain of psychiatric nursing: a descriptive study.
  • Psychiatric nursing curriculum: perceptions of undergraduate nursing students.
  • Psychiatric nursing: a comparative analysis of recovery-oriented versus person-centered approaches.
  • Investigating the effects of legislature and regulations on psychiatric nursing in UK.
  • Psychiatric nursing and pharmacogenomics: a systematic approach.
  • Forensic psychiatric nursing care: uncovering the basics and the challenges.
  • Legal problems and strengths associated with psychiatric nursing: a case study from Poland.
  • Characteristics and perceptions of nurses towards the status of psychiatric nursing: a review of literature.
  • Why nursing students choose psychiatric nursing? Exploring the factors involved.
  • Role played by gender in the selection of psychiatric nursing as a profession: a qualitative study design.
  • Child psychiatric nursing: understanding the operational factors in the area.
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation and psychiatric nursing practice: a systematic analysis.
  • Studying the relationship between risk factors, behaviors and psychiatric nursing interventions in the context of adolescent suicide.
  • Investigating the differences in psychiatric nursing in hospitals and in community: a comparative analysis.
  • Psychiatric nursing and women survivors of violence: how resilience is attained?
  • Participation of psychiatric nursing staff in clinical supervision: focusing on workplace and individual factors involved.
  • Ethical decision making and psychiatric nursing practice: a comparative analysis between UK and USA.
  • Clinical supervision of psychiatric nursing staff: uncovering the organizational barriers within the context of UK hospitals.
  • Neurobiology of anxiety disorders: focusing on the implications for the practice of psychiatric nursing care.
  • Investigating the basic health care needs of mentally ill people: implications for the practice of psychiatric nursing care.
  • Coping with the barriers in the way of providing psychiatric nursing care services: identifying the motivational factors through interviewing techniques.
  • Child versus adolescent psychiatric nursing: comparing the challenges and interventions involved.
  • Studying the relevance of DSM-5 on the psychiatric nursing practice: a descriptive study.
  • Dramatherapy and psychiatric nursing students: a systematic approach.
  • Psychiatric nursing and Milieu Therapy: studying the development and implications of the technique in the field.
  • Challenges and solutions in clinical psychiatric nursing: a case study based on Iran.
  • Issues of sleep in the psychiatric nursing care: connecting education, practice and research.
  • Psychiatric nursing in Asian countries.
  • More 201 Nursing Dissertation Topics

These are best 30 Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Topics ideas & examples also check our related post for Nursing Dissertation Topics and Adult Nursing Dissertation Topics.

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