34 Environmental Law Dissertation Topics Examples

As its name implies, environmental law focuses on different legal aspects associated with the domain of global environment. Environmental law dissertation topics include laws both on the national as well as the international levels. Natural resources are an important treasure for the human beings for survival on Earth. Therefore, their preservation, supply, demand and many other topics are also studied under the umbrella of environmental law research topics.

Best Selected Environmental Law Dissertation Topics List for masters and undergrad students

Below we have formed a list of special and trending dissertation topics on environmental law for your reference. Feel free to contact us if you find something up to your interest:

  • Integrating the traditional environmental law with new perspectives on university levels: a systematic study.
  • Environmental law and climate law: understanding the association despite the differences.
  • Environmental laws and multinational companies: focusing on the integration in UK-based companies.
  • Environmental laws and animal welfare organizations: connecting the missing points.
  • Ecologic noise pollution: how environmental laws in developed countries are operating?
  • Studying the effects of formative nuclear events (such as Chernobyl) on the legalization of the international environmental laws.
  • A comparative analysis of the German Environmental Law and the UN Environmental Law.
  • International environmental laws and endangered species of the wildlife: a descriptive analysis.
  • Car emissions as sources of pollution: an environmental law perspective.
  • Investigating the legal issues associated with coral farming in Philippines: a review of literature.
  • Generating electricity from renewable energy sources in the developing countries of the world and environmental law.
  • Studying the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the international environmental laws.
  • Effects of environmental laws on the illegal waste management area: a review of literature.
  • Environmental law enforcement in China: challenges and opportunities present.
  • Environmental laws in the European Union: understanding the basic legal aspects.
  • Studying the role played by NGOs in enforcing environmental laws at national levels: a study based on UK.
  • Investigating the effects of environmental law enforcement policies on illegal C&D waste dumping: a systematic review.
  • Understanding the association among the Chevron Doctrine, statutory interpretation and judicial decision making in environmental law.
  • Studying the importance of global networks within the context of environmental law enforcement: review of literature.
  • Investigating the history of environmental laws: connecting the past with the present and future.
  • Development of human rights towards a healthy environment: identifying the legal issues involved.
  • International environmental laws and protection of cultural heritage in China: a descriptive study.
  • Environmental laws for regulation of environmental contaminants and protection of wildlife: UK versus USA.
  • Investigating the strategies for improvement of environmental law enforcement on a global level.
  • Illegal trading in wildlife and environmental laws: cases from USA.
  • Impacts of environmental laws on the preservation of marine life: a review of literature.
  • Justice in environmental laws: understanding the roles of courts.
  • Risks of floods in USA and environmental laws associated with such risks.
  • Energy law and environmental law: a comparative analysis.

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