32 Health Psychology Dissertation Topics Ideas

Health psychology is associated with the health-related aspects of human beings. It focuses on how physical diseases can impact the psychological health of the patients, their social lives and many other domains as well. Healthcare system is a very important system of the human society, therefore the research topics in health psychology are also equally important. This is true regardless of the academic level for which the research is being carried out. The vast variety of implications for the health psychology research results has provided a superior sense to this discipline.

Top 33 Health Psychology Dissertation Topics List

Some of the interesting health psychology dissertation topics have been listed below:

  • Effects of culture on the health choices of people: a qualitative research design
  • Insomnia in childhood and its impacts on sleeping patterns of adulthood
  • Role of caregivers in the life of terminally ill patients
  • Healthy lifestyle: cultural factors to be taken into consideration
  • Effects of TV advertisements on eating habits of adolescents: an experimental design
  • Development of health-related habits in children: impacts of parental influence
  • Postpartum depression: risk factors and interventions
  • Effects of obesity on the mental health of people: a gender-based review
  • Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of the people: a cross-country analysis
  • Studying the educational level and adaptation to cancer in cancer patients
  • Using the internet as a medical counselor: a health psychology perspective
  • Gender differences in terms of self-medication patterns in middle age people
  • Role of a health psychologist in changing lifestyle patterns of people
  • Differences in depression among terminally patients who have and have not accepted their prognosis
  • Effects of locus of control on physical health of men versus women
  • Effects of exercising on mood elevation: an experimental study
  • Review of literature on the placebo effects
  • Is childhood abuse linked to smoking patterns in adult life? A longitudinal study
  • Analyzing the biopsychosocial model of pain
  • Relaxation approaches in treating chronic pain: a review of literature
  • Studying the link between personality, emotions and health of adult individuals
  • Relationship between anger and heart diseases in middle aged people
  • Predictors of quality of life in patients suffering from coronary diseases
  • Relationship between social support and health status of terminally ill patients
  • Depression and social support: developing a practical model for patients
  • The effects of unemployment on the health of middle-class people: a review of literature
  • Developing psychological strategies to aid people in sticking to their diet plans: a qualitative approach
  • Exposure to ideal body images on media and its impacts on eating disorders in teenage girls: a quantitative study
  • Increased public awareness on infant care and its impacts on the cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Teen suicide: risk factors and interventions from a health psychologist perspective
  • Social, emotional and psychological impacts of care giving on the health of terminally ill patients
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques in treating people suffering from chronic pain

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