33 Sports Psychology Dissertation Topics ideas

As its name shows, sports psychology deals with the different aspects related to the field of sports. This includes attitudes, perceptions, activities and actions linked with sports of different types. Sports psychology dissertation topics also focuses on the psychological aspects of athletes and sportsmen. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in developing the motivation levels of athletes. Sports psychology research topics follows different multidisciplinary approaches and interact with other disciplines as well. Students having personal interests in sports can find different sports psychology topics for the purpose of research and experiments. The results of studies on sports psychology can benefit international teams, players, coaches and even governments a lot for developing efficient policies in the field of different sports.

Best Sports Psychology Dissertation Topics ideas list created by our experts

Study the following list of topics for research studies in the domain of sports psychology and choose according to your preference.

  • Effects of crowd cheering on the performance of football players in a game
  • Managing stress and anxiety before competition: a study of the game of cricket
  • Difference in self-esteem of online players and players playing on the field
  • Does athlete performance decline with increased stress and anxiety? An experimental approach
  • How are sports related to the physical fitness of players: a meta-analysis?
  • The relationship between coach and students: a quantitative study
  • Techniques used to enhance leadership among players through sports: A review of literature
  • Relationship between relaxation techniques and performance outcomes of hockey players
  • Effects of intrinsic motivational factors on the performance of players
  • What is the relationship between practice and success rate of football players?
  • Factors affecting the performance outcomes of players in a team game
  • Psychologically handling pressure by players engaging in solo sports
  • Behavioral problems and their impacts on the performance of sportsmen in football
  • Relationship between the mental state and performance outcomes of sportsmen
  • Substance abuse and its effects on the performance of players
  • Can crowd discourage a player effectively? An experimental approach
  • Participation of females in the area of sports: a review of literature
  • Gender differences in pay gaps of players
  • Effects of medicinal drugs on the performance outcomes of players
  • Deaths throughout the history of Olympics games: a longitudinal data analysis
  • How sports can improve health status of players?
  • Cheating while playing: a psychological approach
  • Aggression and its impacts on the outcomes of wrestling games
  • Gender differences in emotional health of male and female players
  • Preferring online games over field games: a comparative approach
  • How culture effects the performance of players in foreign countries?
  • Gender differences in extrinsic motivational factors among players
  • Relationship between nutrition and performance outcomes of football players
  • Effects of using steroids on the mental wellbeing of players
  • How to people develop body image attitudes for female tennis players?
  • Online gaming: recent trends and tactics being used mentally by the players
  • Exercising and its impacts on the physical health of cyclists
  • more…

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