29 EU Law Dissertation Topics Ideas and examples

EU Law Dissertation Topics: In all the 28 countries that come under the European Union (EU), the EU laws are strictly applied and followed as well. This has led to quite successful results for all those countries in different aspects of life. The EU law has been given utmost superiority over the national laws of these involved countries in different areas. Therefore, understanding and researching this law and its associated aspect can be very beneficial for students and researchers. Thus, different EU law dissertation topics have been researched up until now to understand how civic societies are managed using different legal aspects.

Choosing the right Title for your dissertation can be hard, especially with so options out there. We hope the EU law dissertation ideas mentioned here help you choose a wonderful Topic.

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Best EU Law Dissertation Topics for undergrad and masters students

Given below is a list of different and interesting EU law research topics for our clients. You can go through the list to see if something can trigger your interest:

  • How the euro crisis has affected the future of Europe in terms of legitimacy, democracy, and justice?
  • Transforming the EU geographical Indications Law: connecting the past, present, and future.
  • Studying the effects of EU law on the domain of nuclear safety among the Eu countries: a descriptive approach.
  • Understanding the legal issues and multiple dynamics of the EU Law.
  • How is Germany complying with the EU law? A description of the available data and statistics.
  • Investigating the application of the EU law on national courts as regulatory agencies: a review of the literature.
  • Studying the EU law in the context of taking care of older people. Comparing England and Scotland.
  • Management of spent fuel and radioactive waste: a perspective from the EU law and legislature.
  • Finding the right connection between the written laws and actual practices when it comes to EU law.
  • Future of EU law: teachings at the level of British Universities.
  • Implementing EU laws in the domestic areas: challenges and interventions being involved.
  • Work regulations within the context of EU law: focusing on the ethnic and racial minorities in England.
  • Studying the possibilities and limitations for the implementation of judicial enforcement of EU laws via national courts.
  • History of EU law: connecting the past with the present.
  • Does the cyberspace protection area focus on EU law? integrating the two domains.
  • Studying the political attitudes towards compliance with EU laws in EU countries.
  • Gender and EU law: challenges associated with the aspect of feminism.
  • Investigating the shortcomings and limitations of the EU law from an international legal perspective.
  • Irregular migrants and EU laws: how the legalities work?
  • EU law on the issue of student mobility within the EU countries: a descriptive study.
  • Foreign bribery and corporate criminal liability: civil law jurisdiction in European Union.
  • Studying the political impacts of the European Court of Justice: a meta-analytic approach.
  • Comparing EU law and international law: finding the differences and similarities.
  • The perspective of EU law on the data protection domain.
  • Digital business sphere and the EU law: studying the basics in action.
  • Effects of EU law on EU’s external relations.

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