32 Educational Psychology Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Educational psychology topics encompasses areas that focus on the educational achievements of students along with different aspects connected with education. This is not just limited to the childhood or adolescence age groups. Instead, throughout the adulthood phase educational psychology can prove to be very helpful. Research topics in educational psychology primarily includes all the aspects of learning at schools and other educational institutes. So, they can be used effectively in helping children and students to realize their true potentials. Teachers can also gain benefits because educational psychology also aims at the training of the teachers so as to bring out their best versions for the sake of their students. In the same way, ministry of education and its related offices can also gain guidance in developing policies and laws for the overall better of the education system of any country.

List of Top Educational Psychology Dissertation Topics

Educational psychology dissertation topics are vast and some of the interesting ones have been listed below for your reference:

  • Impacts of bullying on the academic performance of high school students: risk factors and interventions
  • Relationship between family interactions and academic performance of students: a review of literature
  • Teacher assessment by the students: interventions to improve quality of education
  • Implications of educational psychology in the area of special education department: a descriptive analysis
  • Balancing curricular and extra-curricular activities: interventions for the help of students
  • Stress in teaching profession: causes and interventions
  • How is the performance of students impacted by the involvement of parents in their academic life?
  • Artificial Intelligence: using new techniques to aid in the learning process
  • Effects of academic success on the well-being of students: a quantitative analysis
  • Youth development programs in developing countries of the world: a review of literature
  • Learning styles: a descriptive overview of theories
  • Attention in the classroom and its impacts on the performance in exams: an experimental study
  • Including special needs students in a normal classroom: analyzing the attitudes of the teachers
  • Why is Mathematics considered a tough subject? Grounded theory approach
  • Burnout issue in university faculty: balancing work and personal life
  • Gender differences in academic performances of school students: a qualitative analysis
  • Parents’ perception of homework and its impacts on the performance of their children
  • Comparison of motivating factors among students of high schools: a gender-based study
  • Gender differences in developing goals linked with academic achievement of university students
  • Special needs students and their teachers: a study in the context of ADHD students
  • Curriculum development: balancing curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Route learning versus concept-building: a comparative analysis
  • Factors leading to increased absenteeism in high school students
  • Effects of teacher-student relationship on academic performance of students
  • Creativity and thinking styles of high school students: a qualitative approach
  • Teacher training models: factors promoting good training results
  • Work stressors for teachers of high schools
  • Teachers’ strategies for handling bullying
  • Role of counselors in academic performance of students
  • Peer relations among students

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