31 Dissertation Topics In Environmental Science

Environmental science research topics connects environmental issues with the scientific knowledge of how to deal with them. Earth’s environment is changing quite rapidly as far as the 21st century is concerned. This calls for research on environment on regular and speedy basis. Dissertation topics in environmental science covers all the basic and advanced areas of research in environmental science. Different types of environmental challenges have also appeared that were not present in the past. Research data can help a lot in tackling with such challenges as well.

Here is the top select environmental science dissertation topics list for master and undergrad students.

Presented below is a list of thesis topics in environmental science. You can find any topic of your interest from this list:

  • Studying the influence of human beings on the global climate changes: a qualitative approach.
  • Are solar panels really eco-friendly? Understanding the disposability and the ways to minimize waste.
  • Studying the harmful impacts of the world fashion industry on the overall environment of the world: a meta-analysis.
  • Role played by environmental scientists in the preservation of forests around the world.
  • Promoting environment protection in the developing countries of the world: what policies need to be implemented?
  • Oil spills and ocean pollution: what strategies can be taken to overcome this problem?
  • Smog – a big air pollution issue in the metropolitans of the world: how can it be managed properly?
  • Role played by technology in overcoming the issues faced by environment in the present era: a descriptive approach.
  • Endangered species of the water life: how can their extinction damage the overall ecosystem of our planet?
  • Environment awareness: studying the differences in policies at preschool, grade school and college levels.
  • Role played by industrial activities of humans in creating acid rains: a review of literature.
  • Role played by social media in increasing environmental awareness among people: a survey study.
  • Studying the impacts of increase in environmental temperature on the thermal ecology of the sea creatures.
  • Studying the effects of waste management on the circular economy of the developing countries of the world.
  • Studying the role played by science and scientists in environmental conflicts.
  • Studying the heath impacts of rapid urbanization in the developing countries of the world.
  • Presence of nano plastics in the environment and their possible impacts on the health of human beings.
  • Research methods in environmental science: comparison of laboratory experiments and natural experiments.
  • Environmental science: studying the recent advances in the field and their implementations.
  • Protecting coral reefs: strategies and interventions being used.
  • Understanding the causes and effects of deforestation on the overall ecological life of human beings.
  • Studying the changes in Earth’s climate over the past 20 years: connecting the past with the present.
  • Recycling as an environmental science approach for environment protection: a meta-analysis.
  • Smart preservation of natural resources on Earth: a descriptive analysis.
  • Wildlife and global warming.
  • Lead exposure – challenges and solutions.
  • Anti-pollution treaties: understanding the basics from literature.
  • Global warming and climate change: a twin crisis.

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