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33 Sports Law Dissertation Topics ideas & examples

Sports law dissertation topics cover different areas of research such as national and international acts associated with different types of global and local sports, implementation of such acts and laws, laws linked with sporting bodies, ethical and legal considerations related to sportspersons and many others as well. Sports law research topics are thus quite broad and diversified in essence. Depending on the academic levels, the research topics can be general as well as specific.

Sports Law Dissertation Topics list for master and undergraduate students

Given below is a list of some interesting dissertation topics in sports law. Search through them to see if you can find some topic related to your interest in sports:

  • Investigating the aspects of gender, commercialization and race in the sports law: a systematic approach.
  • Sporting autonomy and judicial intervention: a review of literature.
  • Anti-doping legislation: investigating the impacts of role modelling.
  • Domestic governance, national sports law and global policy: a case study in Slovenia.
  • Fundamental rights status in sports: a case analysis from India.
  • Positive doping cases and athletes’ right to fair trial: a sports law perspective.
  • Sports and the law: studying Asia in the context.
  • Accidents during tennis lessons: ana analysis of the associated legal consequences.
  • Studying the legal regulations of the social relations in the field of sports: a review of literature.
  • The right of prevention of discrimination and dignity associated with female participation in the field of sports.
  • Regulatory and legislative framework governing athletics sector: a case analysis on Kenya.
  • Investigating the legal status of professional football players in the EU states. An analysis on the basis of their national legislation.
  • Legal implications of the issue of sexual harassment in the field of sports: a descriptive approach.
  • Match fixing and sports law: a study from the perspective of international cricket sports.
  • Copyright infringement and live broadcasting of cricket matches: a systematic analysis.
  • Studying the differences in the rhetoric and reality from the perspective of international sports law.
  • Justifying disqualification from sports: patients’ rights versus medical judgement.
  • Teaching legal issues in sports at the higher education institutes: a descriptive analysis.
  • Women’s participation in sports: studying regulation in the context of the international human rights law.
  • Legal issues associated with the aspect of transsexuals in the field of sports: a systematic analysis.
  • Violence in sports and sports law: a review of literature.
  • Appeals on selection in sports: legal reasoning, dispute resolution and good governance.
  • Investigating the association among sports law, youth sports and the role played by the sports’ coaches: a descriptive approach.
  • Coaching practices and act of negligence in the sports law.
  • A comparative analysis of the sports laws of the USA versus the UK: review of literature.
  • Anti-doping policy and the international sports law: a systematic analysis.
  • When sports meet medicine: association between sports law and medicine.
  • Sports corruption and sports law.
  • The sports law in the context of Chinese sports.
  • Reviewing the legal stances of sporting bodies in UK.

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