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30 Employment Law Dissertation Topics Ideas and examples

Employment law dissertation topics covers different legal areas associated with the employment such as wages, pays, workplace ethics and many others. With the changing situations in today’s world, employment opportunities have also changed. Therefore, new employment law research topics can now be found for systematic research studies.

Best Employment Law Dissertation Topics Ideas

Given below is a list of some interesting dissertation topics on employment law for our clients’ reference:

  • Equality at workplace and employment law: a perspective from UK.
  • Investigating the legal status and employment rights of an agency worker in the UK.
  • A comparison of the employment laws of the UK and EU within the automobile business sector: a systematic approach.
  • Rights of minorities and employment laws in UK: comparing Muslim employees with local employees.
  • Employment contracts in sports agencies and employment laws: a descriptive approach.
  • Global employment laws: how COVID-19 has changed the approach towards international employment?
  • Basic elements of UK employment law: a critical critique.
  • Employment contracts and job security: employment laws for UK versus USA.
  • Discrimination laws within the workplace regimen: do they differ for men versus women?
  • Teaching employment laws at the university levels: preparing future lawyers.
  • Presenting a critical analysis of the elements of an employment contract.
  • Studying the impacts of the family medical leave act on the productivity at workplace: a review of literature.
  • Investigating the differences in the employment discrimination laws in developed versus developing countries of the world.
  • A historical analysis of the global employment laws: connecting past with the present.
  • Investigating the practical steps through which employment laws are applied at the workplace in UK.
  • Does the employment laws discriminate against male employees when it comes to shared parental leaves? a review of literature.
  • Studying the differences in basic rights of employed and self-employed people in developed countries of the world.
  • Employment laws and recruitment for new employees: a descriptive approach.
  • Mandatory retirement and employment laws in the UK legal framework: a systematic review.
  • How the employment laws work for the national minimum wage and night shift work for employees in UK?
  • Employer’s investigation of the employees through social media: how the employment laws operate in such conditions?
  • Whistle blowers and employment laws: studying the changes over the last decade.
  • Employment law and employers’ rights on the employee inventions: challenges and interventions in the field of engineering.
  • Treating unprofessional behavior by the managers: an employment law perspective.
  • Foreign employees and the employment laws in Canada: problems and their solutions.
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) – a systematic review and critique.
  • Women employees, employment laws and social provision in developing countries of the world: a review of literature.
  • Employment law perspectives on coach-on-athlete abuse situations in sports: a descriptive study.
  • Employment law in association with the criminal law in UK: how crimes at workplace are managed?
  • Place of women in workplace: comparing employment laws of China with India.

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