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34 Business Law Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Business law dissertation topics play a pivotal role in the domain of businesses, both private as well as public ones. Global business practices have improved and changed a lot over the past many years and therefore new research paradigms have also appeared accordingly. To tackle with these changes in research, business law research topics have also undergone changes in their respective approaches. Corporate laws and commercial laws interact very closely with the business laws in research and academics. Not only the law students, but the business students are taught the business laws so as to ensure complete grasp of the area.

Business Law Dissertation Topics samples and ideas for master and undergrad students

Dissertation topics on business law can be many. Some of them have been listed below for your reference:

  • Business law versus business ethics: how an association can be maintained?
  • Business law: the past, the present and the future.
  • Gender differences in business lawyers: are there more male business lawyers than females?
  • Teaching ethics in business law in higher education institutes: a systematic approach.
  • Business law and sustainability: a review of literature.
  • A comparative analysis of the western business law and the Islamic business law.
  • Business law and sexual harassment lawsuits: a review of literature.
  • Law enforcement for online versus offline copyright infringement: a descriptive approach.
  • Investigating the role of business law in setting the business framework for economies of developed countries of the world.
  • Business law and termination of agreement: understanding the associated links.
  • Studying the relationship between process of contracts and its associated legislatures: a review of literature.
  • Business wills and their importance within the domain of business law: comparing UK with China.
  • Universal commercial law code and international business entities: uncovering the association.
  • Studying the role assessment of states and congress during the setting of business law legislations: a review of literature.
  • Business law and liability responsibilities in contractual agreements: a descriptive analysis.
  • Investigating the impacts of business law on the distribution of commercial licensing: a meta-analytic design.
  • E-Business law: focusing on the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teaching business law to non-law faculties: development of a hypothetical academic model.
  • Contract formation, breach of contract and business law: comparing China with UK.
  • Studying the Privacy Act for businesses having substantial stakeholder data: a review of literature.
  • Corporate social responsibility, business ethics and business law: studying the association.
  • Business law and international business transactions: a descriptive study.
  • Studying the relationship between business law and employment law in China.
  • Electronic commerce and business law: how things have changed?
  • Investigating the role of business laws for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.
  • Laws for setting up a foreign business in the developing countries of the world.
  • Islamic business laws: how are they being incorporated on global levels?
  • Legal frameworks for business takeovers: a review of literature.
  • Integrating business law into business school curriculum: a descriptive study.
  • Business law and international trends in research: reviewing the statistics from the past 10 years

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