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33 Child Law Dissertation Topics ideas & examples

Offences against children are widespread and usually differ according to the geographical boundaries as well. Therefore, the scope of child law dissertation topics is quite broad and vast. From child abuse to child labor, from abortion to adoption and from education to custody, there are many areas that fall under the umbrella of child law research topics. Child law also works regularly in an inter-disciplinary approach with other fields of life wherever children are involved.

Child Law Dissertation Topics list best topics

Given below is an exquisite list of dissertation topics on child law from which you can choose any topic of your interest to impress your supervisor:

  • Termination of pregnancy and child law: a systematic study.
  • Ethics in child law: a review of literature.
  • South Korea: assessment and implementation of the abortion law.
  • Prevalence of child marriage and minimum marriage age laws in the UK: a correlational analysis.
  • Unintentional child firearm fatalities: studying the impacts of child access prevention laws.
  • Parentage laws for lesbian couples: should they be given the privilege or not?
  • Identifying the effects of youth employment on deviant behaviors from a child labor law perspective.
  • International child marriage laws: investigating the relationship between gender disparities, legal exceptions and minimum marriage age.
  • Child pornography law and protection of children from porn in present digital times.
  • Academic perspectives on teaching child law in higher education institutes in UK: a descriptive study.
  • Children exposed to violence: integrating mental health approach in child law enforcement.
  • International laws on the rights of children and developing countries of the world.
  • A comparative study of child adoption laws for homosexual versus regular couples.
  • Child protection services: when law and ethics collide with each other!
  • Legal framework for child protection: adopting children for child trafficking.
  • Legal framework for the children rights to be heard in child protection processes: a review of literature.
  • Shared parenting: custody assumptions in child law and policy.
  • Culture and its relevancy to child law: focusing on the aspects of abortions and birth control.
  • Law of adoption: uncovering the challenges and interventions involved.
  • Child law and shaken baby syndrome: case studies from the courts.
  • Investigating the role of different factors in the utilization of legal services in child welfare proceedings in the courts.
  • Same sex parenting and legal justifications: a systematic approach.
  • Studying the barriers to incorporation of children’s rights in the law of developing countries of the world.
  • Muslim jurisdictions and child law: a review of literature.
  • Studying the effects of child law on the hospital protection services of children: a systematic approach.
  • UK child custody law and judicial standards to resolve custody disputes: a review of literature.
  • Evaluating the implementation of law on child protection in Nigeria: a systematic study.
  • Child labor and child law: focus on the EU.
  • Child law: comparing written law with actual practices.
  • Equal rights of every child towards basic education: integrating law with academics.

These are the best choice dissertation topics for child law dissertation topics also check our related post for Environmental Law Dissertation Topics and Family Law Dissertation Topics.

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