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33 Competition Law Dissertation Topics ideas & samples

Although a somewhat recent domain, but still competition law and competition law dissertation topics have gained a lot of popularity at the level of academics over the last decade. The world is changing rapidly and new areas are being open with every passing day. Competition law research topics covers the domain at both private and public levels so as to promote healthy competitions among national as well as international markets. On the basis of the learning outcomes of the courses, the degree of complexity for competition law topics may vary.

Competition Law Dissertation Topics examples for masters and undergrad students

We have arranged a list of some interesting dissertation topics on competition law as follows for your reference:

  • Comparing the competition law of UK before and after separation from the European Union: a systematic study.
  • Comparing the competition law of UK and USA: a review of literature.
  • Analyzing the competition laws of China, EU and Japan on the basis of legalization of the horizontal agreements.
  • Predatory pricing and competition law in UK: separating myths from reality.
  • Studying the legal framework for services of interest between competition and solidarity: a UK-based research design.
  • Historical analysis of the competition law: bridging the past, present and future together.
  • Developing a hypothetical mechanism for monitoring competition on the basis of competition law: A study in China.
  • Studying the strategies for competition law enforcement in UK: a descriptive research design.
  • Competition law as an instrument to resolve national level problems in the market: a review of literature.
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the digital companies: investigating the role played by the competition law.
  • Investigating the association between competition law and gig-workers: a study in UK.
  • Cartel criminal offence in competition law: comparing different EU states.
  • International cooperation and competition law: finding the association between these two areas.
  • Investigating the effects of EU competition law on forming international competition agreements: a descriptive approach.
  • Competition law and intellectual property law: carrying out the legal assessment of this mutual relation.
  • A comparative analysis of the Indian competition law and the Swiss competition law.
  • Competition law and B2B unfair trade practices: a critical analysis.
  • Uncovering the brief history, characteristics and aspirations for the competition law in third-world countries of the world.
  • Private enforcement policy as the new competition law enforcement approach: powering the people.
  • Small enterprises and competition law in developing countries of the world.
  • Teaching competition law at the university levels: basics and specifications involved.
  • Competition law and concealed data practices: how privacy matters are dealt with?
  • Ethics in competition law: a systematic study.
  • Breach of data protection rules and competition law: how the issues can be resolved?
  • Unfolding the UK competition law from an economic perspective: a study based on available data and statistics.
  • Competition law enforcement in Asia.
  • Integrating competition law and consumer protection: a theoretical analysis.
  • Code of competitive conduct.
  • Competition law and big data.
  • Competition law and sector-specific regulations.

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