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30 Media Law Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Media has become an inevitable part of the human lives in the present days. The effects that media have on the different spheres of human life are the major concern for media law dissertation topics. This is true for different academic levels. In addition to current media, social media has also become very popular when it comes to media law research topics.

Best Media Law Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

If you are interested in media law, then you can have a look at our list of dissertation topics on media law. We are sure that you will definitely find some topic of interest:

  • Ethics in media law: a descriptive approach.
  • Teaching media law to the media students at university levels: connecting media practices with law.
  • Social media privacy: separating myths from reality according to the media law.
  • Comparing the media laws of UK and USA: a descriptive approach.
  • How the media law can open new business opportunities for entrepreneurs? A review of literature.
  • Covering of religious issues by media: regulations covered by the UK media law.
  • Fake news and social media: how media law functions in such cases?
  • Studying the effects of the corona pandemic on media and entertainment industry: a media law perspective.
  • Broadcasting hate through media: media law in UK.
  • Right to freedom of expression in media law: a descriptive approach.
  • Cross border defamation through social media: how media laws are applicable in such instances?
  • Alcohol services and media marketing: how the media laws help the UK hotels?
  • Cyber crimes through social media and internet: a description of UK media law guidelines.
  • Social media language and social media laws: review within the context of UK jurisdiction.
  • Impacts of media law on the foreign ownership of broadcast television stations: a meta-analytic approach.
  • Effects of press regulation on protecting children’s privacy rights: learnings from the court cases.
  • Legal awareness and compliance by social media users in UK and India: a comparative approach.
  • Rules for online content dissemination: media legal framework in UK.
  • European media law and challenges faced in the present digital age: a review of literature.
  • Legal issues associated with disclosure of information and depiction of children on social media.
  • Public privacy in the present internet era: how the media law can tackle with the changing situations online?
  • Differences between ethics and practices in journalism: discussing content governance against disinformation.
  • How big data is managed by media and media law? Practical implications.
  • Media markets and risk-based regulations: connecting economics, law and media studies to work together.
  • How sensitive issues are covered by the media? Focusing on the laws and ethics involved.
  • Mass media performance and contemporary legal standards and principles.
  • Fake news and the digital era: a review of available literature and data.
  • Studying the differences in media laws of UK and Russia: what are the major factors of interest?
  • Media regulation and fundamental rights of the people.
  • Defamation laws and media.

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