30 Palliative Care Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Palliative care is another name for end-of-life care. As its name depicts, palliative care dissertation topics focus on all those areas that are related to taking care of the patients who are at the last stages of their lives. This domain is more operational in the developed countries of the world. The developing countries still are lagging far behind when it comes to palliative care research topics and areas. Therefore, most of the research data that is available is from the context of developed parts of the world, especially UK. The researchers from developing countries can take help from this data to develop policies and theoretical frameworks for palliative care nursing in developing countries.

Nursing Palliative Care Dissertation Topics

Below, we have prepared a list of excellent palliative care thesis topics:

  • Challenges in palliative care nursing education and practices: comparing Canada with Australia.
  • Palliative care nursing and psychosocial issues at the end of life: a descriptive study.
  • Role played by positive nurse-patient interactions in palliative care nursing.
  • Palliative care and pain management: personal reflections of palliative care nurses.
  • Uncovering the ethical issues involved in palliative care nursing research.
  • Socioeconomically disadvantaged patients having cancer: role played by palliative care nursing.
  • Home-based palliative care versus care at palliative centers: a systematic study.
  • Studying the effects of palliative care education on the future of palliative care practices: a review of literature.
  • Comparative analysis of the bereavement services provided by palliative care nurses between UK and Australia.
  • Advanced liver diseases and palliative care research: opening new horizons for research.
  • Stress and coping strategies used by palliative care nurses: a UK-based study.
  • Palliative care nurses and chronically ill patients: understanding the emotional involvement.
  • Cancer, euthanasia and palliative care: a descriptive approach.
  • Social work and palliative care: how social workers can collaborate with nurses?
  • Role of community assets in improving the palliative care services: a developing country’s perspective.
  • Uncovering the barriers to palliative care in Asian countries: a comparative study.
  • Training in palliative care nursing: strategies and training programs used in UK.
  • Palliative home nursing care: challenges and interventions available.
  • Investigating the role of cooperation between palliative care nurses and family members on chronically ill patients.
  • Role played by religion in palliative care services offered by nurses: comparing different religious beliefs.
  • Separating the theoretical knowledge of palliative care nursing from the clinical practice: a systematic study.
  • Palliative care nursing in the emergency departments of hospitals: a review of literature.
  • Attitudes of palliative care nursing students towards end-of-life care: an interview-based study.
  • Investigating the perceptions of nurses about palliative care in a nursing institute: a qualitative approach.
  • Practice in palliative care nursing: a review of literature.
  • A descriptive analysis of the palliative care nursing theories and models in a systematic manner.
  • A comparative analysis of palliative care nursing in Jordon versus Thailand.
  • Pediatric palliative care nursing: challenges and interventions involved.
  • Palliative care nursing and fatigue: a correlational study.
  • Developing an instrument to assess the knowledge of nurses regarding palliative care services.

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