30 Nursing Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Nursing is a very broad domain of research and study that encompasses different aspects of work in medical field, taking care of patients, providing care and assistance and many other areas as well. These are all the main domains that are covered in nursing dissertation topics. We have different research areas from which you can get nursing research titles for your Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD degree. Depending on the academic level, the complexity of the research topic and domain may vary. However, rest assured, all the topics are interesting and trending according to the latest era.

Best selected Nursing Dissertation Topics for masters and undergrad students

Have a look at the following list of dissertation topics in nursing and let us know if you find any topic according to your interest and likeness:

  • Nursing and acute care settings: interview approach.
  • Studying the effects of courage and resilience with the work satisfaction among nurses: a survey study.
  • A comparative analysis of the nursing education between the developed and developing countries of the world: a descriptive approach.
  • Investigating the role played by social media platforms in the contemporary image of nursing profession.
  • Role played by psychology in training the nursing for caring of the elderly patients: a review of literature.
  • Leadership qualities and nursing: a study of the perceptions of the nursing students in UK.
  • Understanding the factors impacting the relationships between nurses and patients: a qualitative study.
  • Staffing techniques in nursing: comparing UK with China.
  • Burnout and job satisfaction in the nursing profession: a descriptive analysis.
  • A comparative analysis of nursing between team nursing and individual patient care: a systematic approach.
  • Research and education in nursing: perspectives from the 21st
  • Why people leave the profession of nursing? Perceptions from presently working nurses in UK.
  • Male nurses versus female nurses: how is gender seen in nursing globally?
  • Teaching nursing at the higher education institutes: a systematic approach.
  • E-nursing: comparing Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Role played by advanced computer skills on the nursing profession: a quantitative approach.
  • Factors affecting the proficiency in the nursing profession: a review of literature.
  • Understating the relationship between psychological health, resilience and burnout in nursing.
  • Studying the differences between mental health nursing and physical health nursing: a systematic analysis.
  • Personal reflections of nurses on the domain of licensing in the field of nursing.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: perceptions of nurses in UK versus China.
  • Studying the coping behaviors of nursing graduates in the healthcare system of Saudi Arabia.
  • Stress among nurses: comparing nursing in oncology departments versus nurses in day care settings.
  • Child health care and nursing: personal reflections of nurses.
  • Adult nurses and administrative problems: a UK-based study.
  • History of child nursing: review of literature from a UK perspective.
  • Role played by language in the nursing profession: how non-native nurses survive in the field?
  • Abuse in nursing homes: challenges and interventions.
  • Nursing education system in Australia.
  • Legal aspects of nursing in UK.

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