37 Cognitive Psychology Research Topics & Ideas

Human cognition and its related aspects are the main area of study in cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology research topics also include a broad spectrum of areas of investigation. Perception and sensation lie at the core of cognitive psychology. Other related areas of the cognitive psychology realm include language development and acquisition, processing of information, decision making behaviors of individuals, expression of emotions and many others as well. Laboratory experiments also involves a good range of research studies when it comes to the domain of cognitive psychology.

Here is the list of research topics on Cognitive Psychology

If you are looking for some hot topics in cognitive psychology, check the list below and choose accordingly:

  • The process of decision making – a comparison between children and adults
  • Learning disabilities in children: a comparison of interventions related to sentence structure formation
  • Relationship between playing video games and cognitions in children
  • Gender differences between men and women on selective attention habits
  • Gender differences between men and women with regard to death anxiety
  • Can rewards increase motivation levels among children? A review of literature
  • Measuring Intelligence Quotient (IQ) through standardized psychological tests
  • Effects of recall on long term memory: an experimental approach
  • Measuring gender differences in relation to decision making capacity among university students
  • Effects of different memorizing techniques on the academic performance of college students
  • Exposure to vivid stimuli and its impacts on memory of people
  • Using artificial intelligence techniques to help students with learning disabilities
  • Concept formation among children
  • Can attention enhance memory of students for academic tests?
  • Can learning new information leads to forgetting old information? A psychological perspective
  • Factors effecting people’s capacity to forget about memories over the course of time
  • A comparative analysis of the different types of learning styles
  • Challenges faced by language development in the present digital age: a quantitative approach
  • Impacts of interference on the short-term memory of university students
  • Determining the differences of short-term memory between intelligent and average students
  • Individual differences in reading: a review of literature
  • How do brand memory in childhood affect the buying behavior in adulthood: a longitudinal approach
  • Differentiating between imagined and real memories: a descriptive approach
  • An experimental design to study habit formation in school going children
  • Changes in attention spans of children in the digital age: a comparative approach
  • Make-believe stories: how the cognitive abilities of children operate
  • Language learning and its cognitive effects: a detailed analysis
  • Cognitive control in children: how it is related to random exploration?
  • Relationship between sports performance and visual illusions: an experimental approach
  • How is retrieval in terms of long-term memory is experienced: an experimental approach
  • Studying the cognitive aspects of problem solving in children
  • Emotion categorization: is red color depictive of love or anger? An experimental approach
  • Studying the testing effect in a classroom: an experimental research design
  • Impacts of uncertainty and information gap on curiosity of university students

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