Criminology Dissertation Topics UK 32 Examples

Crime – of every type falls under the study scope of criminology. Criminology has links with different other disciplines as well such as sociology, psychology, terrorism and many others. In fact, every sphere of life where some sort of crime can occur comes within the domain of criminology. Therefore, dissertation topics in criminology can come under most of the academic disciplines. For instance, criminology dissertation topics UK includes sexual abuses, physical abuses, emotional/psychological abuses and others. In essence, the reasons and solutions for criminal tendencies and behaviors are studied under criminology dissertation ideas UK frequently. Also here is the list of  dissertation topics in criminal phycology and clinical psychology.

Here is the list of best Criminology Dissertation Topics for Master and undergrad students

Presented below is a list of criminology dissertation topics for your reference. Whether you are at an academic level or professional level, you can choose and study any of the following topics:

  • Social factors that contribute towards criminal tendencies in teenagers: survey study.
  • Crime prevention strategies in UK: a study of literature.
  • Exposure of university students to drugs and crimes: a descriptive analysis.
  • Relationship between peer pressure and criminal behaviors in adolescent males: an experimental design.
  • Gender differences in terms of criminal tendencies among university students.
  • Effects of childhood experiences on criminal behaviors of adults: a qualitative approach.
  • Civil crimes versus war crimes: analysis of literature.
  • Studying the strategies of crime prevention at college levels: a qualitative approach.
  • Workplace harassment: problems faced by women and interventions being employed.
  • Relationship between parenting styles and juvenile tendencies among school children: a survey analysis.
  • Do men experience workplace harassment? Separating reality from myths.
  • Economic crimes: how they are committed and what preventions can be taken?
  • Research methods in criminology: quantitative versus qualitative.
  • Relationship between criminology and forensic psychology: a grounded theory approach.
  • Stalking: what it is and how it can be prevented? A descriptive study.
  • School bullying: the role played by teachers and school psychologists.
  • Digital crimes: how problems and their solutions have changed?
  • Relationship between unemployment and street crimes: a survey approach.
  • Studying the laws for cyberstalking: a metanalysis.
  • Studying the laws against animal crimes: a descriptive approach.
  • Shoplifting: what triggers the behavior among teenagers and how it can be avoided at early stages?
  • Comparing different approaches used for criminal profiling: finding the best strategy.
  • Relationship between socio-economic status and criminal behaviors among adult males.
  • Profiling a terrorist: perspectives from criminologists, forensic psychologists and criminal psychologists.
  • Factors associated with suicide: social, psychological, financial and physical.
  • Prevalence of date rape incidents among the university students: a quantitative approach.
  • Juvenile crimes and juvenile punishments: problems and their interventions.
  • Why is the prevalence of child pornography increasing in the present times? A criminologist’s perspective.
  • Inspection of crime scenes: the tactics and strategies used by police officers.
  • Role played by violent games in enhancing aggressive and criminal tendencies among children: an experimental approach.
  • Juvenile delinquency: causes, triggers, manifestations and interventions being used.
  • Studying the ethics in criminology: a review of literature.

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