Dissertation Topics In Medicine 34 Examples

The field of medicine is a highly diversified field as can be seen from the number of practitioners in the field. Dissertation topics in medicine does not focus solely on practitioners and medicine, but also on nursing and other related aspects as well. Research topics for medical students allow them to understand the complex dimensions of medicine in details. Understanding the topics in easy flow is the basic crux of medicinal research studies. Not only students, but professionals can also gain a lot of information and knowledge from studying these topics.

Here is the list of best dissertation topics in medicine for master and undergraduate students

Following is a list of medical research topics for college students. We hope that you will definitely find some topic of your interest from this list:

  • The role played by training in the education of medicine: a descriptive analysis.
  • Comparing western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine: a qualitative approach.
  • Understanding the core competencies in the fields of medicine and nursing.
  • Role played by nurses in in aid for disaster-related deaths: a medicinal perspective.
  • How can depression in nurses be treated? Strategies involved.
  • Different challenges faced by nurses in their profession: financial versus psychological challenges.
  • How has nursing profession in UK changed over time: connecting past with the present.
  • Understanding the links between medicine and religion: a descriptive study.
  • Medical research on animals: understanding the ethical grounds.
  • Why people argue against vaccinations: review of literature.
  • Role played by artificial intelligence in new developments in the field of medicine.
  • Effects of alcohol and substance abuse on the mental and physical health of people.
  • Role played by regular breakfast in cardiovascular health of patients.
  • Self-medication: understanding the negative effects of the phenomenon on the health of people.
  • Studying the physical and mental health changes due to aging: a survey study.
  • Effects of modern lifestyle on the overall health of older adults.
  • Role played by exercise in maintaining the physical health of young adults.
  • Role played by nutrition in treating alcohol-associated liver diseases.
  • Use of e-cigarettes and its effects on women’s ability to conceive.
  • Effects of diet and high protein diet on muscle strength and physical functions of older women.
  • Burnout among nurses: program to promote self-care.
  • Hypertension and hyperthyroidism: understanding the connections.
  • Low birth weight babies turning into adults: challenges faced.
  • Studying the placebo effect: connecting the links between medicine and psychology.
  • Factors leading to obesity in children.
  • Nutrition therapy: studying the effectiveness of this approach.
  • Hypertension: awareness, treatment and control among the UK population.
  • Risk factors for adverse pregnancy-related outcomes in obese mothers.
  • Pain management strategies: effects of physical and psychological health of patients.
  • Time-restricted eating: relationship with cardiometabolic health of patients.
  • Forensic autopsies: role played by nurses in the healthcare system of UK.
  • Nursing profession in developing countries: challenges faced by nurses and interventions involved.
  • Increased cancer cases: understanding the causes and reasons over the last decade.

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