34 Environmental Management Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Environmental management dissertation topics include different areas that fall under the category of managing the environment around us. Environmental resources are being used extensively in the present times and therefore it has become imperative to manage their utilization if we have to survive successfully. Therefore, proper management strategies and planning is required in this regard. This is where the work of environmental management comes into action as it covers all major as well as minor domains of environment management and protection policies, regulations, procedures and strategies.

Here is top selected topics list for Environmental Management

We have carefully prepared a list of dissertation topics in environmental management for the convenience of your clients. Have a look at the list and let us know if you need any help:

  • How the strategies of environmental management have changed over the years? A historical analysis.
  • Challenges faced in forest protection policies and practices: a descriptive analysis.
  • How environmental management is carried out in the hotel industry: understanding the basics.
  • Role played by NGOs in the implementation of environmental management policies.
  • Studying the recent trends in the field of environmental management.
  • Research in environmental management: qualitative versus quantitative.
  • Perceptions of university students about environmental management: profile of a future environment manager.
  • Waste disposal practices and their impacts on the environmental management of developing countries: a descriptive analysis.
  • Water management requirements: differences among the developed and developing countries of the world.
  • Understanding and managing air contamination as a result of wildfires: a review of literature.
  • Understanding the relationship between global politics and environmental management policies.
  • Role played by a single individual in the overall environmental management at a community level: a descriptive analysis.
  • Assigning causes to global warming: are the approaches being used correct or not?
  • SWOT analysis of environmental management strategies used in developing countries of the world.
  • What is environmental management? Understanding the awareness among general public.
  • Studying the relation between environmental management practices and the financial performance of construction companies.
  • Teaching environmental management: curriculum at university levels.
  • Development of an environmental management plan for harbor industry.
  • Developing environmental management plan for promoting tourism while protecting the environment.
  • Role played by social learning in the understanding of environmental management.
  • How to implement an environmental management plan for the success of mining business industry?
  • Relationship between natural resource management and environmental management: a descriptive analysis.
  • The legal aspects of implementing environmental management plans in UK.
  • Sea community: understanding the challenges faced by an environmental manager.
  • Environmental management tools: understanding the phenomenon from the available literature.
  • Studying the ethical background of the implementation of environmental management plan.
  • Effects of increasing global temperatures on the natural environmental resources: flora versus fauna.
  • Environmental management: connecting the local information with the scientific knowledge.
  • Decision-making practices followed by hotel industry in relation to environmental management policies.
  • Hotels’ environmental management systems: a descriptive analysis.
  • Environmental management and mining industry.

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