36 Fashion Design Dissertation Topics & ideas

Designing lies at the base of the success of the fashion industry. Designing requires a unique aesthetics sense from the person or department that is responsible for the designing of fashion products. Fashion design dissertation topics include bulk of domains ranging from basics of fashion designing, applications and innovations in the domain, etc. In the present times, different new concepts have been introduced as fashion design topics such as green fashion, genderless fashion designing, fast fashion and slow fashion and many others as well.

Here is the Top selected list of dissertation topics in fashion design for masters and undergrad students

Presented below is a list of creative dissertation topics on fashion design for our clients to choose from and conduct research on:

  • Can designing contribute towards a sustainable fashion industry?
  • Piracy in fashion designing: policies for protection of rights.
  • Fast fashion versus slow fashion: perspectives from green consumers.
  • Traditional versus computer-aided instructions in the domain of fashion designing: a comparative analysis.
  • Role played by fashion designing in determining the consumers’ loyalty towards a fashion brand.
  • Creativity in fashion designing: a survey study on university students.
  • Factors influencing fashion designing: developing a theoretical framework.
  • Legal protection of fashion design: comparison between two major fashion industries.
  • Understanding the fashion design process: a descriptive analysis.
  • Role played by inspiration in the creative designing of fashion apparel.
  • Can fashion designing become a way of communication?
  • Fashion design and fashion marketing: an integrated approach.
  • Predictors of design preferences for older women in terms of psychological and physical dimensions.
  • Genderless fashion designing: a shift changes in the new era.
  • Using archival references in textile designing domain: a review of literature.
  • Do ethical values affect the purchasing behavior of consumers for fast fashion designs?
  • Effects of religiosity on fashion preferences for clothing designs purchased by Muslim consumers.
  • 3D printing for clothing designs: understanding the perspective.
  • Personalized fashion designing: relationship with cost aspect.
  • Views of adult women on how fashion can own or disown their personalities: a grounded theory approach.
  • Can fashion be sustainable? Understanding the literature available.
  • Understanding the contribution of fashion design industry towards the circular economy of a country: a review of UK fashion design industry.
  • Changes in fashion designing for kids clothing: understanding the perspective from Korean kids’ clothing style and its fame throughout the world.
  • Role of social media in creating the domain of global fashion designing.
  • Understanding the design: perspectives from the designer, the wearer and the viewer.
  • Why famous fashion brands collaborate with each other to come up with new designs?
  • Analyzing the digital fashion research: from a designer’s perspective.
  • Learning in fashion designing: approaches used by university fashion designing students.
  • The designer’s power to create change: a descriptive analysis.
  • Effects of Chinese dress designs on the Western fashion industry: linking past with the present.
  • You are what you wear! A connection between fashion designer and fashion user.
  • Scenario-based apparel designing: a novel innovation in the field.

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