34 Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics & examples

Fashion marketing topics covers all the basic and advanced areas of research in the domain of fashion marketing. Marketing, in any domain, is the backbone for success. Understanding marketing strategies can be highly fruitful in the fashion industry. Excellent marketing strategies help in publicizing the brand and enhancing the business. All this leads to increase in revenue generation and flourishment of the business on larger scales. Fashion marketing dissertation topics are therefore extremely important on the academic as well as practical levels.

Here is the list of top selected dissertation topics on fashion marketing

Presented below is a list of dissertation topics on fashion management. Please choose a topic if it is up to your interest and we shall guide you completely throughout the course of the research study:

  • Effects of globalization on the marketing strategies used by luxury clothing fashion brands.
  • Fashion marketing strategies: analyzing the key success and failure paths.
  • Effects of social influencers on the fashion marketing strategies: study of online influencers.
  • Audio branding as a fashion marketing strategy: problems and available solutions.
  • Studying the role of production and price transparency in the area of fashion marketing: a meta-analysis.
  • Traditional versus digital fashion marketing: contacting the past with the present.
  • Effects of culturally-based fashion marketing on consumers’ buying behavior.
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on the fashion marketing strategies: challenges and interventions.
  • Comparing the fashion marketing strategies of two globally acclaimed clothing brands: Dolce & Gabbana versus Louis Vuitton.
  • Fashion marketing and women: studying the gender-based marketing strategies.
  • Effects of fashion marketing strategies on the brand identity and brand image of fashion brands.
  • Marketing strategies for genderless clothing: challenges and interventions.
  • Understanding the psychology of fashion marketing and consumer behavior.
  • Targeting marketing strategies used by luxury fashion brands of UK and USA: a descriptive study.
  • Comparing fashion marketing strategies of high-end and low-end fashion brands.
  • Ethics of fashion marketing: a review of literature.
  • Do fashion marketing strategies for green brands differ from those of regular brands? Analyzing the differences.
  • Emotional branding as a fashion marketing strategy: understanding the basics of the phenomenon.
  • Basics of fashion marketing: studying the history.
  • Ethics in green fashion marketing: shaping green consumers’ behaviors.
  • Content marketing: building online brands and consumers’ loyalty.
  • Social media fashion marketing strategy: a detailed analysis of the steps involved.
  • Email marketing: how fashion brands use emails for promoting their brands globally?
  • Negative impacts of social media marketing on the brand identity of a luxury fashion brand: a review of literature.
  • Studying the differences between marketing strategies for fast versus slow fashion.
  • Effects of religion on targeted fashion marketing in UK fashion industry: a descriptive analysis.
  • Fashion marketing strategies for holiday marketing as done by luxury fashion brands.
  • Studying the statistics and trends in mobile ads as a fashion marketing strategy.
  • Social media metrics and online fashion marketing: Pros and cons.
  • Comparing marketing strategies of fashion brands of UK and China.
  • Fashion marketing: past, present and future.

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