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39 HRM Dissertation Topics – Human resource management

HRM Dissertation Topics

Humans are the backbone of every organization and this is true regardless of the advent of big data technologies and other technical advancements. The creativity that humans possess is always second to none. However, when a student starts searching for research topics in HRM for PhD or Masters or any other degree level program, they may face difficulties as there are many terms that can create confusion in their minds. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the phenomenon to be explored must be carried out prior to finalizing any HRM Dissertation Topic. Check out related post on community health and  public health.

Once the understanding has been done, the nest step should be matching the topic with your interest and likeness. Sometimes, the HRM dissertation topics appear quite attractive and flashy, but during research the students get bored since their level of interest is zero. Therefore, going through previous literature and research studies can provide a good way to students to see the different domains of the Human Resource Management Topics.

HRM Dissertation Topics List for Masters and Undergraduate Students

We have prepared an extensive list of dissertation topics in human resource management as follows:

  • HRM – Human resource management and organizational psychology: an American approach.
  • Human resource management: developed versus developing economies.
  • International migrants and human resource management: a systematic analysis.
  • Role of human resource management in downsizing and outplacement: a correlational analysis.
  • Effects of human resource management on the organizational performance: an experimental study.
  • Human resource management practices in Jordan: challenges and interventions.
  • Role of human resource management in promoting sustainable organizations.
  • Green human resource management: challenges and interventions.
  • Human resource management and hospitals: how nurses are retained?
  • E-HRM technology in organizations: challenges and interventions in UK.
  • Human resource management in multinational organizations: focus on host country nationals.
  • Effects of human resource management on mergers and acquisitions: a descriptive approach.
  • Effects of human resource management on success of organizations: case studies from hospitality industry.
  • Human resource management in organizations post COVID-19 pandemic: a UK-based study.
  • Human resource management, job satisfaction and turnover: a correlational analysis.
  • International human resource management: recent trends and developments.
  • Relationship between human resource management and social work.
  • Promotion of ethical behavior in organizations through human resource management: a systematic approach.
  • Human resource management and construction industry: a descriptive study.
  • Challenges in human resource management: small businesses versus large businesses in Asia.
  • Contributions of big data to human resource management: a review of literature.
  • Relationship between human resource management and whistleblowing in organizations: a China-based study.
  • Teaching human resource management to business students in universities: effects of virtual aids.
  • Effects of globalization on human resource management: focus on the tourism industry.
  • The element of cultural diversity in organizations and human resource management: a systematic analysis.
  • Why business in China is different from the world? A human resource management perspective.
  • Human resource management in Africa: challenges and potential solutions.
  • Leadership styles and human resource management: a descriptive analysis.
  • Nursing and human resource management.
  • Human resource management in gig economy.

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