34 Neuro Psychology Dissertation Topics & ideas

Neuro psychology focuses on studying the human brain and its understanding and responding to the world around it. Neuropsychology is a comparatively difficult area of psychology. Mostly the research studies require utmost training and scientific approaches. Similarly, this domain needs work when it comes to the developing countries and therefore scope for research is rich in those parts of the world. Therefore, early dissertation topics in neuropsychology for students tend to be simple and straight. However, for professionals, neuropsychology research topics tend to be more tough and technical as well. Understanding the functioning of human brain in completeness is quite impossible and research in neuropsychology aims at covering this domain as much as is possible.

Neuro Psychology Dissertation Topics List

Following is a list of neuropsychology dissertation topics from which you can choose any topic to impress your supervisor:

  • Studying the training programs for nurses working in the neuropsychological area: a review of literature
  • Ethics in neuropsychology: recent trends and practices
  • Neuro-psychoanalysis: clinical studies to study the domain in depth
  • Cognitive aging: understanding the term through descriptive analysis of available literature
  • Traumatic brain injury and its impacts on the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease: a metanalysis
  • Impacts of alcohol drinking patterns on the prospective memory of adult males
  • Executive functioning in college students: studying the impacts of ADHD
  • Women’s contribution to the field of neuropsychology: past and present trends
  • Advancements in neuroimaging neuropsychology of cerebral palsy: a review of literature
  • Education and training in neuropsychology: past, present and future trends
  • Pediatric neuropsychology: recent trends and advancements
  • Technological advancements and their impacts of the field of neuropsychology: literature review
  • Comparative analysis of cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology: review of available literature
  • Criminal cases: forensic psychology in collaboration with neuropsychology
  • Neuropsychology of stress versus depression: a comparative review of literature
  • Workload in neuropsychology: a case study approach from a neuropsychologist’s perspective
  • Advancements in neuropsychology in the developed countries of the world
  • Determining sample size in research studies linked with neuropsychology
  • Digital neuropsychology: opportunities and challenges in the present era
  • Executive functions in early childhood: a neuropsychology perspective
  • Measuring reliability and validity in neuropsychology testing: a review of literature
  • Neuropsychological malingering: a qualitative analysis
  • Role of neuropsychologists in dealing with neurodegeneration in human beings
  • Risky sexual behavior: a neuropsychological perspective
  • Impaired working memory functioning in brain damaged people: a review of literature
  • Roles of neuro-nurses in taking care of neuropsychological hospital wards: a descriptive study
  • Children with language impairment: literature review on short-term memory span from a neuropsychology perspective
  • Neuropsychology of memory: a review of available literature
  • Balancing work life and personal life: a neuropsychologist’s perspective
  • Methods in neuropsychology: determinants and case studies
  • Impacts of psychological disorders on human cognition: a metanalytic approach
  • Brain injury rehabilitation and its impacts of quality of life: a review of literature
  • Neuropsychological advancements in developed versus developing countries: a comparative analysis

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