Social Work Dissertation Topics 32 Samples

Wellbeing of society is the main crux of study in social work. This comes within two areas i.e., individual wellbeing and community wellbeing. Thus, social work research topics include how a person can contribute towards society and how society, as a whole, contributes towards people’s wellbeing. Social work project topics are various and sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the students to choose from the bulk of research areas available. Each topic is important and contributive in its own. So, the scope of research is wide and enriched.

Here are the best Social Work Dissertation Topics created by our experts

We have prepared a list of interesting social work dissertation topics so our clients can see which area they are most interested in and then can choose accordingly:

  • Comparing the personal ethics of social work with the professional ethics: a descriptive approach.
  • Studying the challenges faced by social workers who work with people having dementia.
  • Studying the strategies used for building resilience among social workers.
  • Social workers working with immigrants: balancing the laws and needs of the people.
  • Challenges faced by social workers for laws regarding child abuse: study of available literature.
  • Can a degree and experience in counseling help in the work of social workers? Understanding the relations.
  • Social workers working with sexually exploited clients of the opposite gender: challenges and interventions.
  • How can social workers help single parents through their strategies?
  • Role played by emotional intelligence in the working experience of a social worker: an interview approach.
  • Studying the attitudes of social workers towards elderly people: a survey study.
  • Depression in social workers: understanding the causes and interventions.
  • Balancing work and personal life: approaches used by social workers.
  • Language barrier: how do social workers work with people who speak foreign languages only.
  • Studying the effects of therapy on social workers: is it important?
  • Gender differences in selecting social work as a profession: are there any differences?
  • Studying the responses of social workers towards the cultural needs of minority people.
  • Social work education: how things have changed over the past 25 years?
  • Military social work: challenges faced by the social workers and their interventions.
  • What core competencies are required for choosing the profession of social work? A descriptive approach.
  • Social work in oppressed communities: challenges and interventions.
  • Understanding the current issues in social work doctoral education.
  • Confidentiality in social work practice: challenges and ethical dilemmas.
  • Anti-oppressive social work practices: working with women in prison.
  • Mindfulness in social work? Do the graduate social work students meet the criteria?
  • Understanding the theoretical foundations of social work.
  • Differences in social work: comparing east with west.
  • Social work for locals versus immigrants: differences in the approaches.
  • COVID-19 and social work: how have things changed?
  • Social workers and elderly: challenges and interventions.
  • Foster care and social work: challenges and interventions.
  • Role played by compassion in social work: practices within UK.
  • Decision making in social work practices: understanding the reality and the laws.

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