Domestic Violence Dissertation Topics 32 Ideas

As its name suggests, domestic violence includes violent, aggressive and even criminal behaviors within the domain of domestic life. However, domestic violence dissertation topics also extends to how domestic criminals and victims play their roles in overall society and effecting social connections as well. Mostly women are shown as the victims in results of domestic violence thesis topics. However, recently men as victims have also been included within this domain. This has allowed new areas to be opened within domestic violence. Thus, the scope of research has also increased a lot. Now more and more people are showing interest in understanding the aspects of domestic violence in essence. Also you can check our list of dissertation topics in criminology and criminal psychology.

Here is the list of best Dissertation Topics in Domestic Violence for master and undergrad students

Following is a list of dissertation topics in domestic violence. You can choose any topic for your academic or professional research study according to your preference:

  • Effects of domestic violence on the mental health of children in an abusive household: a qualitative study.
  • Effects of alcoholism and drug abuse on domestic violence: studying the literature.
  • Tracing the origins of domestic violence: is it hereditary or environmental?
  • Men as victims: studying the factors that lead to domestic violence.
  • Statistics of spousal abuse in UK: review of available data.
  • Children who witness domestic violence turn into abuser or abused adults? Case study approach.
  • Why do women accept domestic violence easily? Investigating the causes from childhood experiences.
  • Relationship between domestic violence and suicide among women: a quantitative approach.
  • Effects of witnessing domestic abuse between parents and academic performance of the children.
  • Comparing different religious beliefs on domestic violence: a descriptive approach.
  • Differences among domestic violence laws in UK and USA.
  • Female financial empowerment and its relationship with instances of domestic violence in a spousal relation.
  • Protecting children from a domestically abusive environment: policies and regulations in action.
  • Effects of witnessing domestic violence at home and bullying at school by children: a quantitative approach.
  • Studying the types of children domestic abuse: a descriptive study.
  • Does domestic violence lead towards the higher divorce rates in UK? A study of available statistics.
  • Studying the counseling techniques used for the therapies of couples in abusive relationships.
  • Same-sex partner violence: differences from the usual spousal relationships.
  • Studying the behavioral patterns and criminal tendencies of a domestic abuser: a qualitative study.
  • Economic situation of 2021 in developed countries and its role towards domestic violence: a descriptive approach.
  • Does a domestic abuser also become a societal and organizational abuser? Understanding the interaction among home, society and organizational lives.
  • Why the victims of domestic violence sometimes return to stay with the abuser? A content analysis.
  • Understanding the potential warning signs for a domestic abuser.
  • Role played by marriage counselors in eliminating domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence: separating verbal abuse from physical abuse.
  • Long term effects of domestic violence.
  • Police and domestic violence.
  • Abusive cycle in domestic violence.
  • Social media and domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence on pregnant women: how mother and unborn baby are affected?

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