29 International Business Dissertation Topics Ideas

Quite a long time ago, businesses tend to be limited to their places of origins only. However, since the world has turned into a global village, the business domain has also been affected greatly by this transformation. International business dissertation topics include opportunities and challenges that the local businesses can face in the international platforms. In the same way, solutions to meet with these challenges are also studied under MBA dissertation topics in international business. All in all, international business is a very rich subject area and has broad practical applications as well. In fact, successful and competitive large international organizations keep on tracking new research studies to benefit from their results.

International Business Dissertation Topics

We have prepared an interesting list of research topics in international business for our client as below:

  • International business in a digital world: challenges and opportunities available.
  • Teaching international business at the university levels: comparing developed and developing countries of the world.
  • Research in the domain of international business: how things have changed over the course of last ten years?
  • Ethics and international business: differences in actual practices and theoretical frameworks.
  • Culture and international business: how multinationals control this aspect in their working?
  • Bribery in international business: understanding the concept, the challenges and the solutions in a global environment.
  • Future global managers and international business: training and management in developed countries of the world.
  • International governments and international business: understanding the association.
  • Role played by language in an international business domain: is English the only global language?
  • International business negotiations: a systematic analysis.
  • Studying the impacts of international trade agreements on the domain of international business: a systematic analysis.
  • Impacts of China’s transitions on the overall international business domain: connecting past with the present and future.
  • Challenges and opportunities in tourism as an international business domain: a descriptive analysis.
  • Integrated risk management in the international business domain: a review of literature.
  • International business relationships: comparing the developing and developed economies of the world.
  • Politics and international business: how things have change dover the course of past 20 years?
  • Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and international business: a descriptive study.
  • Studying the effects of trade interdependence on the overall international business cycle: a systematic analysis.
  • International business post COVID-19 pandemic: review of literature from the past two years.
  • Uncertainty in international business: uncovering the challenges and interventions involved.
  • Studying the correlation between trust, morality and international business: a quantitative study.
  • How the area of international business has been affected by terrorism? A review of literature.
  • Role played by Commitment-Trust theory in the international business domain.
  • Role played by global banking in the international business area.
  • Studying the correlation between religion and international business: a systematic analysis.
  • Corporate social responsibility and multinationals in the context of host countries.
  • Offshore outsourcing and international business: a descriptive analysis.
  • International business and global union federations: a systematic analysis.
  • International business research: importance of mixed-method approach.

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