Best 57 Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics

Both tourism and marketing are very famous domains of their own. Therefore, their interaction as a conjoined field is also very interesting and appealing for students. Tourism marketing dissertation topics focus on different marketing strategies, plans, problems, and issues that may occur in the tourism industry. Depending on the degree level, the research topics may vary according to their specialization. However, the basic domain remains the same at all levels.

Best Tourism Marketing Dissertation Topics List for college students

Given below is an interesting list of tourism marketing research topics for undergraduate and masters students:

  • The influence of social media on destination marketing and tourist behavior.
  • The role of destination branding in attracting international tourists.
  • The impact of online travel agencies on consumer decision-making in tourism.
  • Examining the effectiveness of destination marketing campaigns in attracting tourists.
  • Strategies for promoting sustainable tourism through marketing initiatives.
  • The role of digital marketing in enhancing the competitiveness of tourism destinations.
  • Investigating the factors influencing tourist satisfaction and loyalty through effective marketing strategies.
  • The influence of cultural and heritage tourism marketing on destination image and visitor experiences.
  • Exploring the use of influencer marketing in promoting tourist destinations.
  • The impact of online reviews and ratings on tourist decision-making and destination choices.
  • Examining the role of destination image in shaping tourist perceptions and preferences.
  • Strategies for marketing adventure and ecotourism destinations to target audiences.
  • Investigating the role of destination marketing organizations in promoting tourism development.
  • The impact of personalized marketing approaches on tourist engagement and satisfaction.
  • Exploring the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in destination marketing.
  • The role of gastronomy and culinary tourism in destination marketing.
  • Examining the effectiveness of destination marketing through experiential marketing strategies.
  • Investigating the influence of social media influencers on tourist behavior and destination choices.
  • Strategies for marketing niche tourism products and experiences.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on destination marketing strategies and recovery efforts.
  • Research in the field of tourism marketing: focus on the current issues.
  • The role played by gamification as a tourism marketing strategy: a quantitative study.
  • Geography and tourism marketing: a correlational analysis.
  • Studying the impacts of sharing economy on tourism marketing: a descriptive approach.
  • Tourism marketing strategies in small communities: potential challenges and interventions.
  • Studying the government-culture interface in the tourism marketing domain.
  • Investigating the role of social media in tourism marketing: a review of the literature.
  • The role played by virtual reality strategies in tourism marketing: a descriptive analysis.
  • Implications of information technology in the tourism marketing industry.
  • Comparative analysis of tourism marketing in developed and developing countries of the world.
  • How twitter data can be used for cruise tourism marketing?
  • Investigating the impacts of urban politics on tourism marketing: a descriptive study.
  • Heritage tourism marketing and role of augmented reality in enhancing place satisfaction.
  • Effects of frequent versus infrequent visitors on tourism marketing in a developing economy.
  • Comparative analysis of tourism marketing in small versus medium budget hotels: a qualitative analysis.
  • Tourism marketing and GIS applications: current issues and future implications.
  • Relationship between tourism marketing and sustainable development in national parks of X country.
  • Overview of marketing strategies used by accommodation providers for tourists.
  • Tourism marketing in developing economies: focus on stereotypes in Asian countries.
  • Tourism marketing and Asian countries: a descriptive analysis.
  • What place does the Third World occupy in the tourism marketing domain?
  • Using internet blogs as mediums for tourism marketing: a descriptive analysis.
  • Ethics in tourism marketing: a systematic analysis.
  • Tourism marketing in a digital era: potential challenges and interventions.
  • Comparative analysis of green tourism marketing in big versus budget hotels in X country.
  • Relationship between staff job satisfaction and visitors’ satisfaction with services in accommodation services.
  • Tourism marketing in Africa: uncovering the critical factors.
  • Studying the effects of cultural events on tourism marketing: focus on Indian festivals.
  • Tourism marketing in rural areas of UK: major factors involved.
  • The role played by visitors’ reviews on tourism marketing: a descriptive analysis.
  • Comparative analysis of tourism marketing strategies for young versus old tourists.
  • Effects of weather on tourism marketing: a systematic analysis.
  • Reactions of tourists towards mass media tourism marketing: a descriptive analysis.
  • Comparing tourism marketing strategies for male versus female tourists.
  • How proper marketing leads towards sustainability in the tourism industry: a descriptive analysis.

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