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30 Corporate Governance Dissertation Topics Ideas & Samples

Investigation of the different aspects of the code of conduct in business practices and corporations on global level constitutes the basis of corporate governance dissertation topics for business students. Different types of topics are included in this area. For example, corporate governance research topics may range from financial principles to environmental principles and many others as well. Depending on the degree program and level of expertise being taught, MBA dissertation topics in corporate governance may vary a lot. Corporate governance has been a very popular business area since its arrival at the surface. Especially the international business practices and corporations have put huge emphasis on this domain.

Corporate Governance Dissertation Topics Ideas

Dissertation topics in corporate governance have been divided into some interesting areas as follows for your reference:

  • Market capitalization and intellectual capital disclosure: importance of corporate governance.
  • Impacts of corporate governance on performance of banks: comparison between China and India.
  • Corporate governance and developing economies of the world: what the future holds?
  • Relationship between corporate governance and cash holding in family-controlled firms.
  • Importance of corporate governance in financial performances: focus on insurance companies of UK.
  • Investigating the relationship between corporate governance and competitive credibility.
  • Relationship between corporate governance, earnings restatements and growth opportunities in firms.
  • Corporate governance codes and business practices: case study based on Hungary.
  • Impacts of corporate governance on corporate bond liquidity: a systematic analysis.
  • Studying the relationship between corporate governance boundary, investment efficiency and debt constraints: a quantitative approach.
  • Impacts of corporate governance codes on the transition economies: focus on self-regulatory approaches.
  • Relationship between corporate governance and economic complexity in UK.
  • Comparative analysis of corporate governance between the developed and developing economies of the world.
  • What are the effects of local corporate governance on the entrepreneurial conditions? a study based on X country.
  • Moderating role of corporate governance: focusing on the influential factors involved.
  • Investigating the role played by corporate governance on loan qualities in cases of banks.
  • Corporate governance in Pakistan versus India: a comparative analysis.
  • Role played by corporate governance in business performance, business venturing and absorptive capacity.
  • Impacts of corporate governance on disclosure quality: a review of literature.
  • Understanding the association between corporate governance, firm value and risk aversion: a quantitative research study.
  • Corporate governance in China: a historical analysis of development.
  • Role played by relative strength in corporate governance on the improvements in corporate performances.
  • Studying the relationship between corporate governance, earnings management and stock options: a descriptive study.
  • Effects of corporate governance structure on the domain of product market competition.
  • Developing a theoretical framework on the relationship between corporate governance, firm performance and economic growth of transition economies.
  • Corporate governance and corporate entrepreneurship: a descriptive analysis.
  • Effects of corporate governance on sustainability performance of firms.
  • Enforcing corporate governance codes: strategies involved.
  • Corporate governance and microfinance institutions: practices involved.
  • Corporate governance strength: a comparison between crisis and non-crisis times.

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