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32 Business Studies Dissertation Topics Ideas

Business studies includes almost every aspect that is associated with the different stages of developing a business setup. Furthermore, business studies dissertation topics also include the post-setup strategies and planning as well. Overall, business studies represent a relatively easy academic discipline and therefore dissertation topics in business studies also tend to be quite easy and thorough at the same time. Business studies research topics vary according to the degree level as well.

Business Studies Dissertation Topics Ideas

Business studies thesis topics have been given below in the form of a list so that the students can take help from these ideas and present interesting research works and results to impress their supervisors:

  • Teaching business studies at the higher education institutes: skills and capabilities required from the teachers.
  • Research and development in business studies: challenges and opportunities available.
  • Business studies, social anthropology and cultural issues: a correlational analysis.
  • Business studies degrees and their market value: separating theory from practice.
  • Investigating the students’ interests in international business studies: uncovering the factors involved.
  • Relationship between business studies and business ethics: a systematic analysis.
  • Business studies’ teachers: factors leading to job satisfaction at university levels.
  • Dynamic endogeneity in international business studies and research: a descriptive approach.
  • Gender differences in attitudes of students towards international business studies curriculum: a quantitative study.
  • Role played by law in the overall business studies curriculum: comparison between developed and developing countries.
  • Attitudes towards business studies research: uncovering the motivating factors involved.
  • Foreign operations methods in the domain of business studies: a descriptive approach.
  • Impacts of subnational region on the aspect of foreign subsidiary performance: a review of literature.
  • Alliances between global rivals and business studies: a systematic analysis based on Asian countries.
  • Political institutions, corporate risk-taking, connectedness and business studies: a descriptive analysis.
  • Trust among international business partners: focusing on the motivating factors involved.
  • Relationships between foreign firms and local suppliers: a review of literature.
  • Effects of business graduates on corporate governance policies in developing economies: a metanalytic study.
  • Business studies in Africa: challenges and opportunities available.
  • Global business practices and emerging markets of developing countries: challenges and interventions involved.
  • Effects of business knowledge on the performance of firms in developing versus developed economies.
  • Role played by social media in business studies research: a systematic analysis.
  • Cross cultural consumers and their related factors in the domain of business studies.
  • Changing business environments in emerging markets: focus on Asian countries.
  • Correlational analysis of international business, international strategy and international management.
  • Effects of ethnographic approaches on the comparisons of international business organizations.
  • Exploring business skills in business students: promoting lifelong learning.
  • Small and medium business sectors (SMEs) and coaching: a systematic review.
  • Integration of business knowledge in real world business practices: a review of literature.
  • Decision making in international business practices: role played by digitization and technology.
  • Superdiversity and ethnic minority entrepreneurship: a descriptive analysis.
  • Globalization of the hotel industry: an economic-geographical approach.

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