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30 Business Dissertation Topics Ideas & examples

Business is a highly extensive discipline of academic learning and it has different degree levels and certification courses at the global level. Therefore, business dissertation topics are also very extensive and broad in their essence. Whether you want to work of business ethics, business models, international business practices or any other area, you can find different research topics in business quite easily. This is the major reason that students working in the domain of business often come up with very unique and different business thesis topics. Results of such research work can be highly profitable to the working community in the domain of business.

Best Business dissertation topics for masters and undergrad students

If you are a business major student, we have tried to come up with some interesting research areas to explore. Have a look at our list of dissertation topics in business to see if you can find any topic of your interest and preference:

  • A detailed analysis of the WeChat Business: a growing business domain from China.
  • How to develop business longevity: development of a hypothetical integrated framework.
  • Investigating the role played by culture in the domain of international business practices: a review of literature.
  • Importance of strategic management concepts in the field of business: a historical analysis.
  • Investigation of the impacts of globalization on the field of international business practices: a systematic study.
  • Studying the role played by business in the areas of impact assessment and biodiversity.
  • Business in Africa: uncovering the challenges and interventions involved.
  • Business education: role played by the factor of critical thinking.
  • Business-to-business organizations: relationship between business performance, market orientation, sales and marketing.
  • Business education and business simulation exercises: importance of action learning.
  • Studying the relationship between HR systems, business strategy and organizational culture: a comparison between small scale and large-scale companies.
  • Investigation of the role played by business in the establishment of competition laws in the African business community.
  • Role played by entrepreneurial households in the growth of business: review of literature.
  • Importance of economics within the business education sector: a systematic analysis.
  • A systematic analysis of the positive and negative effects of business group affiliations.
  • Cyber security and accounting in business: importance of blockchain technology.
  • Investigating the motivating factors that lead students to opt for international business courses: a comparative analysis.
  • Strategies to prevent and manage failure in the business practices: a systematic study.
  • Importance of neuro-marketing in the field of business marketing.
  • Customer value in in business relationship: a UK-based study.
  • E-business – a review of literature.
  • Attitudes of business and non-business students towards business ethics at university levels.
  • Impacts of business analytics on the performance in business sector.
  • Business intelligence: a historical analysis.
  • Global business research: understanding the basics of global business practices.
  • Investment in business: comparative analysis of domestic and international investments.
  • Laws and regulations in business.
  • IT and business strategies.
  • Creative problem solving and business practices.
  • Insurance and business.

Above are best selected 30 Business Dissertation Topics Ideas & examples also check our related post for Business Intelligence Dissertation Topics and Corporate Governance Dissertation Topics.

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