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29 International Development Dissertation Topics Ideas

As its name shows, international development in business is associated with doing businesses in intra-country levels. The world has become a global village and no country can survive without interacting with other countries at different levels, with business being no exception at all. International development dissertation topics in business focus on all those areas that explore how countries can carry out businesses among each other. Therefore, international development research topics are available in bulk because every country has its own business specialties and generalities as well. Furthermore, different ethical grounds, laws, regulations, cultural roles and other topics are also covered within the research in business international development.

International Development Dissertation Topics Ideas for students

For students and researchers, an extensive list of international development thesis topics on business have been given below:

  • Role played by multinational companies in alleviating poverty in developing countries of the world: a descriptive analysis.
  • Studying the effects of internet on the international development of business: a quantitative approach.
  • Role played by digital innovation in the international development of business sector.
  • Effects of political disputes on the international development of business: focus on UK and USA.
  • International trade, income convergence and economic growth: history of international development.
  • International entrepreneurships: challenges and opportunities involved.
  • Business development opportunities offered by multinational companies in developing countries of the world: a review of literature.
  • Integration of ethics in international business development: a systematic analysis.
  • Investigating the role played by financial development on the overall international development of business sector: a descriptive study.
  • Role played by trade logistics in the facilitation of international production networks: a quantitative analysis.
  • International business development: focus on the mediating role of human capital.
  • Operations of the foreign multinationals in the emerging markets of the world: a systematic analysis.
  • Globalization, multinationals and international development in business sector: a correlational analysis.
  • Third world multinationals and international development: the challenges and opportunities available.
  • How multinational companies have led to technological capability building in Asian countries? A review of literature.
  • Role played by international workforce in international development of business sector.
  • Domestic versus foreign employment in multinational companies: focus on the role of factor substitution.
  • Investigating the public policies associated with foreign joint ventures in Asian countries.
  • Role played by cultural diversity in workforce of multinational companies in international development of businesses.
  • African multinationals: a historical analysis.
  • Research and development in the domain of international development in business sector: connecting past with the present.
  • How labor management is conducted in multinational companies in Asian countries?
  • Role played by employee job satisfaction in international development of business sector.
  • Technological advancements and international development of business.
  • Evolution of international economic integration: focus on cases from East Asia.
  • Global capital flow and international business development: a systematic analysis.
  • International business and intellectual property rights: a descriptive analysis.
  • Effects of international trade on the domain of emigration in the developing countries of the world.
  • Education, business and international development.

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