Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics 33 Examples

Environmental economics research topics focuses on how the aspects of economics is related to different types of environmental issues around us. Economics have developed greatly as an inter-connected discipline and therefore it has branches in many other subject areas as well. Environmental economics dissertation topics include policies, regulations and their impacts on the overall economy of a country. Furthermore, different environmental goods and their impacts on economics are also studied in this area.

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Here is the list of TOP Environmental economics dissertation topics for undergraduate and master students

Following is a list of dissertation topics in environmental economics for your reference:

  • Why is research needed in the area of environmental economics? A descriptive analysis.
  • Studying the inclusion of social costs in environmental strategic planning: a meta-analysis.
  • Economic indicators of environment: how does pollution costs to the economy of a country?
  • Studying the relationship between environmental and financial performance: a descriptive approach.
  • Banning of methyl tertiary butyl ether and its impacts on foreign investment: a review of literature.
  • Decision of choosing a specific pesticide on the basis of its price and rate of return: a survey study.
  • Understanding pesticide usage as a burden on the health care system: a meat-analysis.
  • Studying the economic benefits of planting healthy plants on the health of human beings.
  • Understanding the aspect of radioactive waste disposal in terms of its procedures and costs.
  • A descriptive study on the costs and environmental benefits of circular farming.
  • Studying the economic impacts of a sustainable life style: a descriptive research design.
  • Combating with marine plastic litter: focusing on international environmental agreements among major countries.
  • Economic analysis of water management: a descriptive approach.
  • The Unknowns in environmental economics: what is lacking in the research regimen?
  • Environmental and resource economics: challenges and interventions involved.
  • Effects of political, demographic and economic factors on local agricultural practices in UK.
  • Studying the costs of soil pollution as a result of chemical and oil leakage into the environment: a review of literature.
  • Studying the economic effects of ocean acidification: a meta-analytic approach.
  • Studying the relationship between climate changes and extreme weather losses: an environmental economic perspective.
  • Water management policies and economic: comparing UK with USA.
  • Studying the economic impacts of government-led forestation interventions in UK: a descriptive study.
  • Energy solutions for travelling: studying the Chinese and Japanese automobile makers and their impacts on the environments.
  • Recycling – an economically and environmentally friendly approach or not?
  • Relationship between the environmental policies of developing countries and impacts on their economics: a descriptive approach.
  • Renewable energy resources: are they really a new means of investing and gaining more money for countries?
  • Economics of nature preservation: understanding the available literature and statistics.
  • Global versus regional cooperation for climate controlling practices.
  • Understanding the global taxes and tariffs on water pollution.
  • Teaching environmental economics at university levels: a descriptive analysis.
  • Economic analysis of predator-prey dynamics: ocean ecology with no sharks!
  • Lead poisoning crisis in Nigeria: benefits from the perspectives of microfinance.

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