57 Branding dissertation topics ideas & examples

Branding dissertation topics communicate with the domain of marketing in a well-versed manner. In fact, marketing and branding go side by side. Branding research topics focus on areas like brand marketing, brand management, brand building, and many others as well.

Branding is an essential aspect of any business and offers an excellent opportunity to explore a wide range of dissertation topics. Some possible branding dissertation titles include “The Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Behavior,” “The Role of Branding in Developing Brand Loyalty,” and “Creating a Strong Brand Identity: Strategies and Tactics.”

Other branding research ideas could include examining the impact of social media on branding, exploring the branding strategies of successful companies, or analyzing the influence of brand personalities on consumer decision-making.

Depending on the degree level and academic course the research topics vary in their all-inclusiveness of different sub-areas. Check our other related posts on marketing, advertising, MBA marketing, online marketing, and sports marketing.

Best Branding dissertation topics for college students

Branding thesis topics have been collected below in the form of an interesting list:

  • The impact of brand awareness on customer loyalty in the cosmetics industry
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements in brand communication
  • The role of packaging design in influencing consumer behavior towards luxury products
  • Brand differentiation strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a competitive market
  • The impact of brand consistency on brand equity in the hotel industry
  • Developing a brand personality for green products: a study of eco-friendly brands
  • The role of brand storytelling in creating emotional connections with customers
  • Investigating the impact of brand extensions on parent brand equity
  • The influence of brand personality on consumer engagement in social media
  • The impact of brand associations on consumer decision-making in the fashion industry
  • The role of sensory branding in enhancing brand experience in the hospitality industry
  • The effectiveness of brand repositioning strategies in reviving brand equity
  • The influence of brand trust on customer retention in the online retail industry
  • The impact of brand architecture on brand loyalty in the FMCG sector
  • The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in enhancing brand reputation and consumer loyalty
  • An investigation of the effectiveness of brand alliances in creating brand equity
  • The impact of brand personality congruence on consumer behavior in the luxury automobile industry
  • Investigating the role of brand equity in the success of franchising systems
  • Developing a brand identity for startups: challenges and opportunities
  • The role of brand authenticity in creating a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Branding in the fashion industry: a descriptive approach.
  • Correlational analysis of brands, branding, and economic geographies of the world.
  • Studying the relationship between international branding and cross-cultural factors.
  • Investigating the role played by branding in the field of design management: a systematic analysis.
  • Promoting a healthy brand image: focus on marketing mix elements in the food industry.
  • Creating brand value in the social media world: focus on challenges and opportunities.
  • Studying the relationship between brand loyalty and co-branding: a descriptive approach.
  • Place branding: the emergence of a new field of human geography for the research and development domain.
  • Branding in political marketing: a review of the literature.
  • Historical analysis of branding in the international marketing domain: a descriptive approach.
  • Branding of the migration-related diversity: a quantitative study.
  • Understanding the relationship between place branding and urban planning in X country.
  • Studying the commercial issues and the legal issues in the field of branding: a review of the literature.
  • Comparative analysis of the branding strategies in five major fashion firms of the world.
  • Branding athletes: a focus on the challenges and opportunities.
  • Branding in the field of education: understanding the relationship.
  • Studying the relationship between corporate branding and corporate identity.
  • Investigating the impacts of internal branding on the brand promise delivery by the employees.
  • Focusing on the relationship between internal branding and employees’ brand supporting behavior.
  • Branding in the domain of banking: focus on UK banking sector.
  • Comparative analysis of organizational, individual, and institutional levels of journalists’ engagement in branding on Twitter.
  • Place branding and spatial planning: a descriptive approach.
  • Correlational analysis of branding, democracy, and politics in X country.
  • Ethical analysis of the domain of international branding: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Studying the effects of branding on student recruitment by universities of X country.
  • SME retail branding: a descriptive analysis.
  • Comparative analysis of local versus foreign branding in X country: a quantitative study.
  • Music branding campaigns in developed countries of the world: a review of the literature.
  • Global branding in the field of pharmaceuticals posts COVID-19 pandemic: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Correlational analysis of TV branding, passionate engagement, and tourism.
  • Branding journalism: focus on challenges, issues, and norms.
  • E-branding: focus on challenges and opportunities involved.
  • The role played by leadership in the field of international branding: a systematic analysis.
  • Studying the impacts of brand strength on global branding of IT organizations.
  • Geographic branding: focus on trade associations, operations, and production trends.

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